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  1. We have a baking thread, and a really really old sourdough thread, but since the baking one is mixed in with cakes I wondered if we could have a new thread to focus on yeasty bread exploits. I've really gotten into it ever since trying out sourdough. I got given a starter which I have fed* and nurtured, and even started new starters. I've got a wheat starter and a rye starter on the go. I was given https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bread-Matters-Why-Make-Your/dp/0007298498 for Christmas and after initially thinking my parents had just gotten me another recipes book, it's actually been a really good read for the science of baking bread, and how different flours work. It's given me much more knowledge on how I might just adapt or vary loaves, and feel like it's becoming a lot more intuitive, but I'm far from an expert still. So yeah, I'm really into it. I've just bought a cloche which is yet to arrive, best results have been in a dutch oven which is a bit awkward to lower a shaped loaf into, so I'm hoping the cloche (plate-and-dome thing) will work. It's also coming with some red malt and diastatic malt, the former should add colour and flavour, the latter potentially adds rise, which might be good for when I'm adding rye. IDK, I'm still experimenting - and I love that aspect of it. Sourdough is actually quite easy, and while a lot of time passes to get a good final loaf, it doesn't take much time on my part, it's just a bit of planning. So i've been making a couple of loaves almost weekly now. I'm about to start trying different kinds of bread, rolls, stotties or whatever else, but now I feel like the overnight sponge is the way to go for most things now, the book has really hit hard the importance of time. Anyone else making regular bread? * Apparently it's "Bad" to call it 'feeding' your sourdough, as it's not like some demanding pet that needs feeding unless it'll die, so apparently refreshing is a better way to think of it, I have to admit, I've felt the guilt of forgetting to feed it, but it's really not that high maintenance at all, it's apparently really difficult to kill a starter entirely, and even if you do, I've already had a go at making one from scratch - leaving flour and water out is about the simplest recipe you can do.
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