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Found 1 result

  1. Probably deserves its own thread. I've finally played Gloomhaven! My copy arrived last Friday, so I spent the evening reading the rule book and trying to find a suitable hiding space. Saturday was spent purchasing storage boxes with dividers and punching everything out. Solo'd it with the Scoundrel and Spellweaver on Sunday, just the first room of the first scenario anyhow, then Scoundrel and Cragheart on Wednesday, then Brute, Tinkerer and Mindthief on Thursday. Just to get a feel to how they all play. Still don't really have them perfectly to grips yet. Then on Saturday I finally delved in proper with a friend. Starting with a self designed 'tutorial' videogame style, followed by a pub brawl and wolf attack. I'm the Spellweaver, mage extraordinaire. In the first proper scenario we got through quite well, but that was partly because I forgot to tell my mate the rule about not using elements in the same turn you create them (he's the Cragheart), as a result there were leaves all over the place. We decided to plump straight on with the second scenario- no more wolf attacks for us! Both had the same idea- heavy hitting exhaustion. As the spellweaver I did some beautiful 'riding the wind' into 'crackling air' with an invisibility cloak and 'orbs of fire'. Which may look like just a bunch of cards being played to the cynical observer, but to me was flying into the room screaming and setting fire to everyone whilst invisible. The Cragheart ran out of cards after I accidentally located myself in an almost untouchable position and he got hit by everything. Then I completed the mission on my last card. Still no battle goals completed (2nd was was genuinely impossible), but an excellent time had by all. And now we've numerous mission we can do, as well as more money to spend on stuff. I've got two more friends who want to play and make it up to 4. Given the nature of the game I'm thinking that'll be pretty easy to do whilst maintaining the RPG aspect of it all.
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