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Found 37 results

  1. Introducing Babylon's Fall / [ バビロンズフォール ] 2018 announcement trailer: State of Play 2019 trailer: Recently revealed at Square Enix's E3 conference this week, I thought we may as well get started with a thread for this. I did some freeze-frames on the captions and there's a lot of setup for the story premise. An unknown power named the Oversoul can forsee future events and be harnessed in weapons, but an all-consuming darkness is forseen - the only indication of "mankind's revival" coming from the "darklands". Meanwhile, riots break out over the Oversoul (ab)use, and the elder gods strike down against mankind because riots aren't cool. The goddess Gaia steps in to create a new world that saves mankind from extinction, and the Scholars of Gaia are formed to help maintain faith in the goddess. New and old ideologies clash, Gaia kicks off, and humanity must strike back. Full captions from the 2018 announcement trailer are below - apologies for any typos, but they move fast! So yeah, there’s all of that, not to mention what could be seen as a nod to Revelations 18 in the title. It's way too soon to pin down a genre - I'm not as brave as some of the Sekiro fans - but armoured badasses and angry gods are usually a safe bet for Platinum. Official Site: http://www.babylonsfall.com/ Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/BabylonsFall_PR Press: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-06-11-platinumgames-and-square-enix-announce-babylons-fall https://kotaku.com/babylons-fall-is-the-next-game-from-nier-developer-plat-1826733914 https://www.polygon.com/e3/2018/6/11/17449352/babylons-fall-platinumgames-ps4-pc
  2. So this popped up in the Xbox thread: and really took me by surprise. I mean, I knew the Xbox conference was on the 9th but it still seems to have snuck up on me somehow. What’s odd is this is the first year since I’ve known what E3 is that I’m pretty much free to watch it all. It’s always been during school or uni exams, and since I finished uni, has been smack bang in the middle of Ramadan so I haven’t been able to pay that much attention to it. There also don’t seem to be that many threads on here in the lead up to it. Is it because the gen is winding down or because Sony aren’t pitching up? Or something else? So is it just me or is the run up E3 quite subdued this year?
  3. >> Official website . >> Official YouTube channel . If you're looking for games to bulk out your Switch collection this year, your eyes need to be on the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct. It's here that the Japanese gaming giant will unveil its plans for next six months – and hopefully beyond – and give us a good look at the games we could be playing this holiday season. At last year's E3, Nintendo focused mainly only on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (don't do this again, Nintendo, please), running through a long, long, list of confirmed fighters and stadiums. However, it wasn't exactly a hit with most Nintendo fans, so we expect/hope them to give a broader view of all its E3 2019 games titles this time around. And boy, what a line-up the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct could be. From the new Animal Crossing, to Luigi's Mansion 3, and titles like Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Nintendo could have one of the strongest conferences of the show, which is especially important as its the last in the E3 2019 schedule. If Nintendo does things right, then it will spend a good portion of its E3 2019 Direct talking about the new Animal Crossing Switch game. We've not had any more information about the game since September last year, which only confirmed that the game is indeed coming, will feature Tom Nook and will arrive sometime in 2019. If that's still true, then the game is scheduled to arrive in the next six months, and we don't even know what it's called yet. We assume it'll be the next fully fledged Animal Crossing game, with the last one being Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which was released on 3DS back in 2012. Will we be playing as the new mayor again? Will the gameplay follow the similar tropes as previous series' entries? There are a lot of unanswered questions right now, but hopefully the Nintendo E3 2019 showcase will clear that up. The Pokémon Company, and developer Game Freak, like to keep things to themselves when it comes to big announcements, which is why we're getting a pre-E3 special Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct on June 5. That means we're getting all our Pokémon Switch goodness and fresh information before E3 has even started. That doesn't rule out a quick appearance of the game during the E3 Direct of course, but don't expect these two gen. VIII Pokémon titles to be the main draw. Game Freak will probably focus more on their new RPG, provisionally named Town and also set for a 2019 release, during the E3 show. As far as we know, Luigi's Mansion 3 still has a 2019 release date as well, and we're going to get some more information on this at E3. The last game was a neat 3DS exclusive, so it's exciting to see a sequel is coming to the Switch. From what we know, Luigi's back to his Ghostbusters-esque antics in another spooky mansion, but there are no further details than that as yet. As for Bayonetta 3, we know even less at this point. The game was first announced back at the Game Awards in 2017, and we've had zero information about the game since then. There's a lot of information still to come: gameplay details, release dates, and more. Whether Platinum Games is ready to reveal more about the game is a big question, as I assume the main focus will be on Astral Chain, but even a tiny glimpse at the Nintendo E3 2019 showcase would be greatly appreciated. Originally released over 25 years ago for the Game Boy, it came as quite a surprise that the utterly brilliant Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is getting remade for the Switch. And, it's even coming out this year. That means this remaster is ripe for a major appearance at the Nintendo E3 2019 showcase. We've already had a glorious trailer, which almost frame for frame recreates the original, but any more footage, gameplay, and, of course, a concrete release date would be of interest to most Switch owners. As for whether we'll see anything of Metroid Prime 4 announced at this year's E3, I strongly doubt it. Although the game was officially announced back at E3 2017, earlier this year Nintendo confirmed that the current project was being scrapped and restarted, which means we're probably years away from getting a proper look at the game. Unfortunately, as it's high on many Switch owners' list. Such is the nature of Nintendo's incredibly fast-paced E3 Directs, there's bound to be a few surprises nestled in between the biggest namesalready mentioned. Last year, the big surprise was Fortnite arriving on Switch right then and there after the press conference ended, so expect the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct to have a few of its own. Hopefully. We've already had rumours of a few ports and remasters, including The Witcher 3 (confirmed! - ed.), and the Metroid Prime: Trilogy, which would certainly stave off the hunger for Metroid Prime 4, at least for a while. But there are also rumblings that a sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in the works, but knowing how long Breath of the Wild took to make, this may well not make any kind of appearance at E3 2019. Maybe not even 2020. It's also interesting to note that the rumours of Xbox Game Pass coming to Switch have also not been disproven yet, and with some Xbox Live features already implemented on Switch with the release of Cuphead, this could be an exciting time for the new relationship between Nintendo and Microsoft. This may well be elaborated on during Nintendo's, or Microsoft's, E3 press conference. And then we come to the idea of new Nintendo Switch hardware. Rumours have been flying about no less than two potential new Switch consoles for some months now. The reports suggest that there are two more Switch consoles in the works, the first being a smaller 'mini' version of the original machine, and the second representing a more advanced, almost 'pro' version, offering higher specs, a bigger screen and better graphics. The latest report suggests the mini edition is closer to release than the more advanced alternative, but Nintendo isn't saying anything official about either right now – aside from the fact it definitely won't be announcing hardware at E3 “As a general rule, we’re always working on new hardware and we will announce it when we are able to sell it,” Furukawa told reporters in Osaka back in April. “But we have no plans to announce that at this year’s E3 in June.” Of course, just because Nintendo says its not announcing any new hardware, that doesn't rule out variations of the current console. After all, we've had a Pokémon Let's Go edition, and there's a special Super Mario Maker 2 version that comes complete with stylus. But yeah, best not believe they'll talk about future hardware revisions come June 11. So, this is what we know so far. And yes, hopefully we'll get plenty of surprise announcements, but don't shoot me if the whole Direct is exclusively focused on Luigi's Mansion 3 Random wish list: A new F-Zero, The Wonderful 102 and the long-rumoured Pikmin 4.
  4. Xbox E3 Week at a Glance Sunday 9 June Xbox Briefing: 9-11:00pm BST | http://www.mixer.com/xbox Monday 10 June Inside Xbox: 11:00pm-0:30am BST | Xbox FanFest Showcase: 2-7:00am BST Tuesday 11 June Xbox Experience @ Microsoft Theater: 7:00pm-3:00am BST | Mixer Dome: 5:00pm-3:00am BST Wednesday 12 June Xbox Experience @ Microsoft Theater: 5:00pm-3:00am BST | Mixer Dome: 5:00pm-3:00am BST Thursday 13 June Xbox Experience @ Microsoft Theater: 5:00pm-2:00am BST | Mixer Dome @ LA Convention Center: 5:00pm-2:00am BST
  5. It's over! FFVII Remake footage Life Is Strange 2 gameplay trailer FF Crystal Chronicles Remastered trailer Last Remnant Remastered trailer DQ Builders 2 trailer DQXI S trailer KH 3 Re:Mind trailer FFXIV Shadowbringers trailer SaGa trailers War of the Visions: FF Brave Exvius trailer Outriders trailer ONINAKI trailer FFVIII remastered trailer Marvel's Avengers trailer Original text below: If you're keen to chat about the conference in real time, check out the rllmuk discord! Usually I wouldn't bother with E3 threads myself, but there are one or two things I'm curious to check out at Square Enix’s show. With the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer released in May and showing in-engine gameplay (read: "there was occasionally a UI element in the corner"), there are probably a number of gamers hoping to find out more details about this long-awaited release. A new trailer for the game was already released on Monday 10th, showing various battle and story scenes and revealing a worldwide release date for March 3rd 2020. The battle system still looks somewhat simple and mashy, but I'm curious about whether or not they're deliberately holding off from revealing all of the battle system's tricks until later... or if we've already seen the combat at its most complex... Outside of that, we know for sure that there's going to be an update on the Avengers videogame project - in late May the official Twitter account for the new game stated that "the worldwide reveal of Marvel’s Avengers" would be at Square Enix's E3 event, so that's something to look forward to. Considering the diversity of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal’s recent games it’s hard to know what the Avengers project may turn out to be, but one quote from Marvel claims "Marvel’s Avengers is being designed for gamers worldwide and will be packed with all the characters, environments, and iconic moments that have thrilled longtime fans of the franchise. Featuring a completely original story, it will introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come". As someone who enjoys the Marvel films (and whose nephew is nuts about them) I'm definitely curious to see what they have planned. We also know for sure that Dying Light 2 will make an appearance - Techland is calling this a "narrative sandbox" in a modern dark age with decisions that players make being remembered by the game and its characters, and where player choices can affect entire regions of the game's world. Honestly, it's not a series I've followed that much so I don't have a lot to say, but reactive worlds are always interesting, and hopefully the emergent bits of Dying Light 2 will result in a game that has more to offer than.... uh, can we call them zombies? Are they zombies? Do they have another name? I'm not good with this franchise guys. Square Enix will also be revealing a new project named Outriders (thanks @Revival!) - this is the first time they've made any sort of announcement about the project, although apparently a trademark was registered in May of last year, and some cryptic "mission log" tweets have been tweeted by the Outriders twitter account over the past month or so. Not long after I posted this thread, the same account made a much less cryptic tweet, with the words "See it first: >>> 06.10.19 <<<" and hashtags for #SquareEnixE3 and #E32019. (06.10 is June 10th, but remember that because of timezones we'll be seeing the conference on the 11th. ) Unconfirmed games? Well, there's Babylon's Fall. Since its reveal in the previous E3 there's been next to no news on the Platinum-Square joint, which is pretty embarrassing for the poor sap who excitedly created a thread about it. There's a trailer with lots of nice art and snippets of lore, then a few seconds of an armoured guy attacking a bigger armoured guy... but very little else since. The trailer did originally end with a "2019" date, so I feel like they have to show something - even if it's just the same trailer with a different date at the end - to reassure people that it isn't disappearing. Anyway, the fact remains that the last time Square and Platinum joined forces we ended up with the brilliant Nier Automata, so I'm hoping for something good... Square Enix is also publishing a new action game by Tokyo RPG Factory that's due to release this Summer. Named Oninaki, it "tells the story of one Watcher on a journey to protect Life, after Death" - at least according to the game's Steam page. From the trailer, it looks like a very pretty 3D RPG with chibi-looking characters, real-time combat and colourful backdrops. Another soundbite from Square Enix blurb mentions that "Players will uncover the mysteries of life, death and what’s beyond as protagonist, Kagachi moving between the Living World and the realm of the dead known as the Beyond." Who knows whether this will make an appearance or not... In terms of existing franchises, there's going to be an FFXIV presence at the show where people can check out Shadowbringers, and there's assuredly going to be more Kingdom Hearts 3 content where they reveal future DLC plans for that game. We also know that a few Dragon Quest games are on the way - DQXI for Switch, DQ Builders 2, and the Pokemon Go-style DQ Walk. And finally, if you'll excuse a bit of baseless speculation from me - I'm curious to see if they have anything else in store for Nier. Last year we had the reveal of Nier Automata: Become As Gods Edition, which wrapped up the game and its DLC into one package that was available for more platforms, but I'd be keen to know if there are any plans for more Automata, or even a new Nier Gestalt/Replicant thing! https://square-enix-games.com/en_US/news/e3-2019
  6. Feel free to update your choices as E3 progresses. Currently I'm super hyped by Doom Eternal and Lego Forza but most of all the new Flight Sim has me drooling buckets.
  7. Are you sad because there's no Sony E3 conference this year? Never fear, I managed to hack into the 'oTheR DimEnSioN' where it did take place and downloaded it. Don't ask how I did it, it's not important. So sit back, relax, and feast your eyeballs, ears and braincell on 1 whole hour of the future of Sony PlayStation's great gaming goodness. These tantalising tasty trailer treats. You get the point. For maximum realism, stay up till 2am Sunday night/Monday morning and then press play. Then go to work in the morning feeling like shite. Get Hype: Don't forget to comment in this thread as you watch the video in real-time for authenticity. Stuff like: "I stayed up till 2am for this?" "Kanye West? Get with the times Sony!" "Looks like a Wii game" "Another fucking HD remaster?!" "WTF is this shit?" "Love the art style of this one" "Sony LOL" "Booooorrrriiiinnnnnngg!" "I've already seen this trailer" "Nintendo has nothing to fear here" "Nathan Drake Gardening Simulator? TAKE ALL MY MONEY!" "Microsoft wins E3 this year!" "That looked interesting I guess" "Arty-Farty Bollocks" "HALF-LIFE 3!!!!??? Crowdfunded? WTF!?" "This will probably end up being a PS5 game" "Shame this was leaked before the event, lol" "I hope this is coming out on Switch" "Where's Knack 3?" "VR showreel? No interest in VR at all. Fuck off Sony! I HATE YOU!!!" "I stayed up till 3am for this?" "Now I know why Sony weren't at E3 this year in this dimension" Etc.
  8. When Monday June 10th 5:00PM BST Conference: Bored of pre-rendered trailers for flat games that all look the same Then get on board with the true future of gaming and watch VRUpload's E3 VR Showcase. They are teasing that between 30 and 40 games will be shown over the 60 minute run time across all VR platforms (including new games for everyone's favourite VR headset the Quest). Initial details here https://uploadvr.com/upload-e3-vr-showcase-30-games/ Roundup of what was shown and release platforms (includes links to individual game overviews and videos) https://uploadvr.com/e3-vr-showcase-roundup/
  9. When Monday June 10th 9:00PM BST Where Gamespot | Giant Bomb | Easy Allies | IGN | Twitch | Youtube The Conference:
  10. When Monday June 10th 6PM BST Where Gamespot | Giant Bomb | Easy Allies | IGN | Twitch | Youtube The Conference:
  11. When Saturday June 8th 5:15PM BST Where Gamespot | Giant Bomb | Easy Allies | IGN | Twitch | Youtube What We Got
  12. When Monday June 10th 1:30AM BST Where Gamespot | Giant Bomb | Easy Allies | IGN | Twitch | Youtube Conference:
  13. V i s i t T h e O f f i c i a l H y p e T h r e a d E3 2019 Conference Schedules (click date & time to be taken to conference thread) EA: June 8th 5:15PM BST Microsoft: June 9th 9:00PM BST Bethesda: June 10th 1:30AM BST Upload VR: June 10th 5PM BST PC Gaming Show: June 10th 6PM BST Ubisoft: June 10th 9:00PM BST Square Enix: June 11th 2AM BST Nintendo: June 11th 5:00PM BST Live Streams Gamespot | Giant Bomb | Easy Allies | IGN | Twitch | Youtube Rllmuk Chat Steam | Discord
  14. Sunday June 10th 9pm Streams https://mixer.com/xbox https://www.youtube.com/user/xbox https://www.xbox.com/en-US/e3 https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2018/04/18/xbox-at-e3-2018/ In 3 minutes
  15. Conference Schedule & Links To Official Threads http://www.e3countdown.com/ EA Microsoft Bethesda Devolver Digital Square-Enix Ubisoft PC Gaming Show Sony Nintendo Related Threads The Unofficial Pre-E3 2018 Hype Thread The E3 Trailer Video Thread Streams Gamespot | Giant Bomb | Easy Allies | IGN | Twitch | Youtube  ------------------------- As has proven popular in recent years, this thread is intended to by your go to if you're looking to find the conference times, official threads or want to watch the conferences after they've aired, whilst avoiding any comments and spoilers. I'll keep this thread updated as E3 rolls on, with the dates and times being replaced with direct links to the conferences after they broadcast. This thread isn't intended to include comments, please direct any general E3 comments to the Unofficial Hype thread. Have a great E3 everyone. Edit: Added a poll to the OP.
  16. June 01 - Crypt of the Serpent King June 01 - Earth Atlantis June 01 - Illusion: A Tale Of The Mind June 01 - Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition June 01 - Mining Rail June 01 - Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast June 01 - Rento Fortune – Monolit Tycoon June 01 - The Journey Down: Chapter One June 05 - Aragami: Shadow Edition June 05 - Awkward June 05 - The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset June 05 - Onrush June 05 - Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn June 05 - The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker June 05 - Vampyr June 05 - Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr [delayed again] June 06 - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon June 06 - Riddled Corpses EX June 06 - Shape of the World June 07 - ACA NeoGeo Riding Hero June 07 - Hitman Sniper Assassin [Free with Hitman 2 pre-order] June 07 - MotoGP 18 June 08 - Milanoir June 09 - Unravel Two June 12 - Jurassic World: Evolution June 14 - ACA NeoGeo - Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory June 14 - Neon Chrome Deluxe June 14 - Omega Strike June 14 - Super Bomberman R June 15 - Lego The Incredibles June 15 - Omega Strike June 15 - Rise of Insanity June 19 - Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles June 19 - Haimrik June 20 - Grab the Bottle June 21 - ACA NeoGeo - The King of Fighters 2000 June 22 - Atomine June 22 - Battle Knights June 22 - Haunted Halloween ’86 June 22 - Slime-san: Superslime Edition June 22 - Sudden Strike 4: European Battlefields Edition June 22 - The Journey Down: Chapter Two June 22 - Yet Another Zombie Defense HD June 26 - Far Cry 3 Classic Edition June 26 - Lumines Remastered June 26 - Nier Automata: Become as Gods Edition June 26 - The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit June 27 - M.A.C.E. June 28 - ACA NeoGeo - Money Idol Exchanger June 28 - Epic Loon June 28 - Next up Hero [Free on Game Pass] June 28 - Tour de France 2018 June 29 - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy June 29 - Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends June 29 - Magical Brickout June 29 - Hill Quest, The Beginning June 29 - MXGP Pro June 29 - The Crew 2 Games with Gold for June...
  17. Conference Expectations: Wrap Up & Media: Well that was predictable, nothing we didn't really know about, although we can ditch any hope of seeing Criterion's multi vehicle racer as it was cancelled. Aside from the usual suspects, we did get at least two nice surprises. The first was the reveal of Bioware's "Project Dylan", which now goes under the name of Anthem, more of which we'll see at Microsoft's show tomorrow. Another surprise was the announcement of a new game from developer Hazelight (Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons), in the form of A Way Out, a two player only game, in which you have to team up with a friend (or a stranger, the game supports online) to escape from prison. Star Wars Battlefield was confirmed to have a single player campaign, but it seems that we'll have to wait until Sony's conference to get a look at it. The whole show wrapped with an extensive demo of the multiplayer. Another wholly underwhelming showing from EA, next year I make make their thread as an addendum tot the Ubisoft one. Step up EA FFS. Preview by Robo_1 - Graphics by VN1X
  18. Conference Schedule EA - Saturday, June 10 at 8PM BST Microsoft - Sunday, June 11 at 10PM BST Bethesda - Monday, June 12 at 5AM BST PC Gaming Show - Monday, June 12 at 6PM BST Ubisoft - Monday, June 12 at 9PM BST Sony - Tuesday June 13 at 2AM BST Nintendo - Tuesday, June 13 at 5PM BST Streams IGN | Twitch | Youtube | Easy Allies | Giant Bomb | Gamespot So last year we already had a ton of hype coming our way by mid-April. Now however, with little over a month to go, it feels like there haven't even been any hints of E3 rumblings. Where is the excitement? Is it even happening this year? I mean where are the saucy rumours? Where are the clickbait articles telling us what's hot? Where are the endless lists of hopes and dreams put out by forumites across the globe? Where are the gifs?! It feels like this is going to be one of the most disappointing E3's in quite a while... Even the weather is shit! UNLESS of course they have finally found a way to keep their cards close to their chests and contain every leak so far. Maybe Sony are gearing up to deliver another #E3OFDREAMS. Maybe project Scorpio will turn out to be a box which will stream games directly to your brain without the need for any peripherals whatsoever, a BrainBox if you will. And what of Nintendo? What have Retro been working on? Will Nintendo finally announce a 3-studio development cycle for the Metroid Prime series? Is Metroid Prime HD going to be a pre-order bonus if you buy MP4: Chozo Warfare? All signs point towards most definitely not but that's no reason to stop believing. So yeah this E3 is going to be a massive disappointment and I will enjoy every moment of it. I will stock up on all the snacks and drinks money can buy and I will savour every cringe like it's the last. Good luck everyone. Will update this post with schedules and streams as they become available.
  19. The game with the most votes will have this prestigious award showcased on the cover of its box (that's how this works right?). I picked the (most obvious) ones which I felt like were most deserving of this award and had also showcased gameplay. If you don't agree with the choices available then fuck off and create your own poll*. Ahem sorry, still reeling from that BG&E2 trailer. *Wanted to put in many more, including Forza 7 and Destiny 2 (honestly I did!), but you're not able to add more than 10 poll options. Sorry if your GOTY is not included.
  20. Conference Expectations: Wrap Up & Media: Nintendo kicked things off with a sizzle reel, packed with ARMS, Splatoon 2 and Rocket League clips. Then we got Reggie sermonising about the nature of “game”, which all seemed a bit meandering. Thankfully what followed was far less wooly, as we were treated to a first proper look at Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the epic follow up to the critical hit for the Wii U. This was swiftly followed by a new Kirby, which looked every bit as lovely as you’d expect. This was followed with a small section talking about the portability and multiplayer aspects of the Switch, and the announcement of the first outing of Pokemon for the console. Then came the announcement many had been hoping for, Metroid Prime 4. We only got the smallest of teasers, but it’s good to know it’s on the way. For those frustrated by this, it's worth noting that outside of this spotlight event, it seems Nintendo have announced a new Metroid game for the 3DS. After this, came a lovely look at the new Yoshi game. Using real world materials, the game looks gorgeous. This was followed by a look at the Team Ninja developed, Fire Emblem Warriors. Following this, came the announcement of two DLC packs for The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, The Master Trails and The Champions Ballad. Reggie came back to announce an E3 tournament, before leading us into another look at Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Rocket League. The show wrapped with a showcase look at Mario: Odyssey. Easily the best looking Mario yet, the variety of settings and play styles shown looks as though Nintendo are on course to deliver another bar raising Mario game. Overall then, this struck me more as fan service than marketing. If you’re a Nintendo fan, then the new Zelda, forthcoming Mario, Kirby and Yoshi titles and the promise of a new Metroid game will have you fully signed up, but if you were after more, that surprise Platinum announcement, something special from Capcom or some exciting new IP, then on this showing, Nintendo haven’t done much to persuade. Preview by Robo_1 - Graphics by VN1X
  21. Conference Expectations Wrap Up & Media: You knew Sony was going to have a good conference, when the pre-show was casually revealing games such as Ni No Kuni 2, Undertale and Super Hot VR in the pre-show chat. After a quick promo for Sony’s Vue TV service, the conference kicked off with a sizzle reel and the announcement of the gold $249 PS4. Then the lights went down and we were treated to some live Indian music, which along with a beautiful performance backed by a waterfall of sand, lead us straight into the long awaited Uncharted 4 DLC The Lost Legacy. Some indoor snow set the stage for the evening's next DLC announcement, this time, The Frozen Wilds for Horizon called. Next up we got a great look at Sony Bend’s open world survival action game, Day’s Gone. Stunning visuals and animation quality is truly next gen stuff. After Shaun Laydon promised to get off the stage and roll out the games, he revealed the first of the evening's big ones, Monster Hunter Worlds, coming in early 2018. The next surprise was a real killer. We were treated to the first look at a full remake to Shadow of the Colossus. There was much rejoicing. Immediately following this was a first look at Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, with a demo available today! Next up was a first look at the multiplayer for Call of Duty WW2, which turned a lot of heads. After a brief pause, we went straight into a PSVR segment, the highlight of which had to be the announcement of Skyrim VR, but there were a number of original titles shown which will absolutely get gamers talking. After the VR segment, the conference switched straight to what for many, will unquestionably be the game of the show, God Of War 4. An amazing demo was shown off which shows Kratos and son embarking on a journey to another realm. Without any interruptions, the conference carried straight on into the first full reveal of Quantic Dream’s, Detroit. Trailer looked great, still a lot of question marks hanging over how it plays. Next up was another Activision game, Destiny 2. I didn’t play the first, but this looked great, different environments and just seemed a lot more exciting. Andrew Layton returned to the stage to present the show’s finale, Spiderman. It looks and moves with every bit of the promise it had in that first demo, the combat looks great, the set pieces looked stunning and the swinging looked great. Hmmm, so yeah, solid conference and some world class demos, but light on new announcements, and I did feel the game after game after game presentation, without any people on stage made the conference feel a little flat. I missed sections like, "Building The List" and the Indie Wrap which gave previous conferences some warmth and humour. As great as the content was, I didn't really get anything from that, that I couldn't have got from just watching a load of trailers in succession. As a gamer I'm happy and that Spiderman demo was probably the best thing I've seen all E3, but this felt like half a conference, and without any shock reveals (although Shadow of the Colossus and Monster Hunter will be viewed as such by many) not one of their more memorable. Preview by Robo_1 - Graphics by VN1X
  22. Conference Expectations Wrap Up & Media: You’d be hard pressed to say Microsoft didn’t bring enough games to the show this year. From the glorious Cuphead and outrageously beautiful Ori & The Will Of The Wisps, to Forza 7 and survival RPG, Ashen, MS bombarded their conference with game after game after game, mixing original IP with anticipated sequel and first party exclusives with third party reveals. Yet there was a sense that many people watching would have been happy with half the games if only two or three of them had really screamed "fun" at them. The star of the show was of course, MS's new flagship console, the X1 X. With all games being presented in 4k, and Forza 7 being demoed to an impressive 4k/60fps spec, MS are clearly pushing this as the console for the high end gamer. At $499, it didn't come in below anyone's price expectations, but the technical feat in getting that much tech into such a small box has to be acknowledged and nobody should have ever been under the illusion that this was going to be a $50 price bump. The console looks neat too, and has more than a little echo of the classic PS2 design. With the hype surrounding X1 X, expectations were that MS had been keeping their first party powder dry, in order to blow people away for what many were anticipating would be a soft re-launch for the brand. However, the big AAA first party games just weren’t there, and with so much time being spent on multi-platform and timed exclusives games, one has to wonder what is happening with MS's first party teams! Rare’s Sea Of Thieves got a good showing, and if you enjoy that sort of online co-operative world, then it came across well. Crackdown 3 was present, but the paucity of time spent on it has raised concerns that the game may no longer have the enthusiastic backing of Microsoft. State Of Decay 2 sounds compelling enough; with a greater focus on team building and surviving the waste lands rather than just mowing down zombies, it stood out for me as one of the best games of the show. The early reveal of Metro Exodus set the eye candy bar pretty high for all that followed and the announcement that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, would be a Xbox console exclusive raised many cheers amongst the audience. Assassins Creed: Origins made a surprise appearance and instantly impressed with it's vivid colour palette and rich, detailed terrain, but it soon became apparent that this was very much the same Assassins game we've been playing for the last decade, only now we have a drone hawk to play with. Life Is Strange 2 also made a surprise reveal, although it's not clear if this is a full blown sequel or the rumoured prequel. After many more game reveals, the announcement of Xbox Original backwards compatibility, and a string of sizzle reels, MS rounded the evening out with a look at Bioware's impressive new action RPG, Anthem. MS brought enough content to show off and there's no denying the technical achievement of the X1 X, but if you're looking to convince people to drop the best part of $500 on your new, super specced console, then it's a curious strategy to make the two most notable games of the conference a pair of 2D platformers. Preview by Robo_1 - Graphics by VN1X
  23. Conference Expectations: Wrap Up & Media: Ubisoft are very much the, “strong and stable” lynchpin of E3, and this year has been no different. They opened the show in fine style, with a trailer for Mario & Rabbids: Battle Kingdom, followed by a stage presentation shared between Yves Guillemot and Nintendo legend, Shigeru Miyomoto. The game itself is a turn based battle game (think Valkyrie Chronicles with Rabbids) and is a Switch exclusive title. The game was well demoed and it looks like a lot of fun, with some solid mechanics underpinning it all. We were then given a look at the new Assassin's Creed title, Origins, which was short and revealed markedly little. The Crew 2 then took centre stage, in all its CG multi-vehicle glory and had more than a whiff of Motorstorm about it. Next up was a look at South Park: The Fractured Butt Whole, which looks every bit as good as a full episode, and will be out this October. One of the surprises of the evening, was Ubisoft’s big VR play, Transference. An unnerving horror game which seems intent on unsettling players with psychological tricks. Looks legitimately scary. The next big surprise of the evening was announced personally by Yves Guillemot, the swashbuckling PvP game, Skull & Bones. The game seems to be built off the back of the work done on Assassins Creed: Black flag, where ship to ship combat was first introduced. It looks solid, but I’m not alone in being disappointed that it appears to be multiplayer only. We were then treated to an electro tinged, Ubisoft Got Talent, masquerading as a Just Dance '18 promo. It’s hard to hate this to be honest, as they always keep the segment fairly short and it adds a bit of colour to a conference typically heavy with angry people fighting. The surprises kept coming, with a special South Park game being announced for mobile. Carrying on the RPG theme, this looked like a nice bit of fun and was wonderfully unexpected. The reveals just kept coming, with Starlink. A space exploration / combat game, with a serious twist. The game comes with a toy ship, which you can upgrade to effect in-game changes. Probably not what a load of greying, blood thirsty cynical old men are looking for, but I can see this being a huge hit with kids. The show continued apace with the first serious expansion announced for STEEP, in the form of an Olympic challenge pack. Then came the full reveal of Far Cry 5, with a nice extended play through. The game is looking great. To wrap up, we didn’t get the classic Yves Guillemot, one more thing moment, but what rolled out next was to cap the show, and it started off as a barrel of WTF. Cockney monkeys and rune hoarding pifs could mean only one thing, Beyond Good & Evil 2. Sadly we only got a CGI trailer with no game play, (which did take something from the finale), but as announcements go, this was an absolutely great game to end on. Overall, this was a really good show. Lots of new announcements, just the right time spent on each and the whole show had a real warmth to it, with Ancel even shedding a few tears after the BG&E2 presentation, before all the developers took the stage. Ubisoft really rose up tonight, and after a string of lacklustre shows, cut through and got me excited again. Bravo. Preview by Robo_1 - Graphics by VN1X
  24. Conference Expectations Wrap Up & Media Links for Mobile Preview by Robo_1 - Graphics by VN1X
  25. Conference Expectations: Wrap Up & Media: An underwhelming show for Bethesda, which revealed little more than people already knew about. Wolfenstein 2 & The Evil Within 2 were revealed, Fallout 4 & Doom VR were talked about, Elder Scrolls Online had some spotlight time with it's Morrowind add on, and DLC was announced for Dishonoured 2. Aside from a quick look at Quake Champions that was all we got. It wasn't a train wreck, but it's hardly a kings bounty of announcements. It's maybe time for Bethesda to ask themselves if they really have enough content to support their own show. Preview by Robo_1 - Graphics by VN1X
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