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  1. My wife likes the mechanics of modern boardgames, but isn't a fan of the screw-your-opponent over elements, which means we end up playing things like Ticket To Ride and Carcasonne without any blocking or other tactical elements, which I feel detracts a bit from the play. In an effort to find some good common ground, I've been co-op game hunting. I acquired Arkham Horror, but in retrospect that was an error - the theme really isn't her cup of tea, and the fiddliness and mass of tokens and widgets isn't mine (although I think it would make a great computer game). I picked up Forbidden Island on the iPad, and that seemed to be the sweet spot - quick setup/play, discussion about tactics, shared goal, etc. Off the back of that, I've acquired the new 2013 edition of Pandemic, and we both love it, even though we're pretty routinely losing (although usually within 1 or 2 turns of winning, so nice and tight). Looks good, too (the old edition was fugly), and picking from 7 roles randomly keeps a bit of variety going. I think someone here said they had the new Matt Leacock game, Forbidden Desert. What are the key differences between it and FI? How cheaply could I pick it up for in the UK, and how big's the box? (I'm flying over from NZ in July/August). What's your favourite co-op game, and why?
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