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Found 8 results

  1. Replaying Resident Evil 4, 13 years later... The last few nights have been a nostalgic return to Resident Evil for me - as I picked up the Resident Evil 4 PS4 remake. It's been 13 years - 13 years?! - since I played the game when it was released on the Gamecube, and I only finished it once. It's a game I've wanted to play again for a long time - inspired by end of year "Best games of all time" lists, and recently playing Resident Evil Revelations 2. I wanted to see how well Resi 4 had aged, especially as many people still rate it as one of the best games of all time. Back then I agreed, but time makes memories hazy. Games have come a long way since then, the Resi-style survival horror moving over to more fluid gunplay, like Dead Space and Resident Evil Revelations. I couldn't remember much about Resi 4 either aside from vivid snippets - the rest a fog. I recalled the lake monster and the big beard man you fight in a burning building. The hick village at the start with the chainsaw zombie, of course, which sold this new fangled Resident Evil to everyone that saw it. A cable car segment where you shoot zombies coming up on other cars. Protecting Ashley in a tense sniper rifle shootout from evil monks. Some big monster in a cave with shipping containers (or was that Code Veronica?). A big outside area filled with zombies and some punchy boss guy (Wesker?). Some kind of shiny skinned, evil lab freaks (the only thing that really scared me in the game). Ada Wong shows up at some point around some labs. That's all I could picture. I'm maybe half-way into the Castle now. I didn't even remember the castle at all, I just remembered monks were in the game! When the game starts, there's a nice little cutscene of Leon in a car with local cops. These dynamic cutscenes impressed me at the time and considering their age they still look pretty good. The voice acting and dialogue throughout the game, of course, is still terrible - in a great Resident Evil way. Although it wavers from dreadful to sounding quite natural at times - and the villains speeches are quite good. Graphically (bearing in mind this is the HD remake), it holds up alright. The characters look decent and high res. Textures look a bit crap in the environment if you get close, but otherwise the visual style still works fine. The world is a bit bare - lacking in fine details especially in buildings - but it's only the occasional 2D sprite in the background, or janky animation that bely its age. Heck, I'd say the art style is better than the Resident Evil Revelation games! Entering the village I rescued a dog from a bear trap - then it ran off and I hoped maybe later it would help me. It never did show up - though its rabid bretheren did! When skimming through the ancient Resi 4 thread on here (2005) today, someone said the dog reappeared to help them fighting the ogre guy, what did I do wrong? The camera is a bit of a shock at first. You can snap it to look left and right but you'll quickly go mad doing that. I kept trying to use the right stick to free look instinctually - the main camera is otherwise fixed and your view seems really narrow at first. It takes a while to get used to not having 360 vision when moving - Dead Space, how I miss thee! The worst thing is aiming. I remember on the Gamecube it was tricky at first but you soon learned to fine control your pistol laser. On PS4 it seems much harder, unless I'm remembering wrong. It's way too oversensitive with the right stick, and at the start of the game Leon's aim judders anyway, until you get better weapon upgrades. Even now on stage 3 I still struggle to get good headshots in a row. Once you get used to the camera and aiming again, you can start enjoying the game. The village is still great, lots of zombies and usually going about their business at first until you rudely interrupt them. I was disappointed though when in the first section you have to survive infinite hordes, the chainsaw guy never showed up. I remember that being the demo and a really tense bit of the original game. The chainsaw guy only appeared later on in another area of the village, and I could just run past him to the next "room". Weird. I thought with 13 years of gaming experience that I'd find Resi 4 pretty easy. After all, you can only pick Normal difficulty from the start. I was wrong. Zombies kill you in a few hits. Some attacks kill you instantly! Even though we now know there is a clever dynamic loot system to make the difficulty curve smoother - items and cash are still well measured. You often don't have much health items, and you might have a full inventory of guns and ammo - but it runs out really fast when faced with ten zombies at a time! It's a good challenge and you never feel overpowered, at least so far. So, I finally rescued Ashley, and she is still one of the best NPC escort allies. She dies if you shoot her but stays behind you diligently, and if caught in the open she ducks if you start shooting. You can tell her to wait, or find boxes for her to hide in, which is cool. Zombies can catch her and then you have to shoot them (without hitting her) before they make it to the area exit, or it's game over. She never feels annoying or too hindering - instead you have to be cautious and it really adds to the tension when she's in danger of being whisked away. Ashely is refreshingly quiet - she cries out for help, but she doesn't waffle on, or have lots of repetitive voice lines like the incessant babbling of today's NPC buddies. After a few normal village areas I was surprised at how thick and fast the gameplay and set pieces come and go, most of which I'd forgotten. Zombies that throw dynamite. Booby laser traps and bear traps. Bonus medals to shoot in the environment. Snakes that hide in the items boxes and bloody bite you! Rickety plank constructions by cliffs where you can shoot the zombies off the edge. Shady Spanish guy Louis - who you hole up in a house with whilst you fend off a zombie horde. An ogre boss. A few puzzles that aren't just "find the emblem" (although there's that too, of course). Chainsaw man, and women. Parasites exploding out of heads of some zombies. Zombie dogs - for just a few areas. It never exactly blew me away, but the sheer variety kept it entertaining. The atmosphere is good too - the creepy music when the zombies show up, the visuals, the way the village turns to night and rain. The weapon choice is good too - as soon as you meet the merchant early on, you can buy any of the basic Resident Evil weapons - the shotgun, the TMP, and upgrade whatever you like with cash. It's a really good upgrade system. There's treasure to find in the environment too that you can sell for cash, you can even buy a treasure map as some of its well hidden. The wide range of weapons and two kinds of grenades means just in the first few hours you are constantly switching between guns, varying up each battle. It's good stuff. I finally reached the end of the village and beat the annoying beardman-turned-spine zombie in a burning barn. I remember all those years ago that I got really stuck on him due to low ammo and the confined space. I still died a few times this time, but clutched it out with the sniper rifle as he swung between beams. I went back through the whole village to get all the treasures, and the enemies respawn in some places, making it a treacherous affair (fuck those wolves). Annoyingly though there's some areas that get boarded off later on, so you can't get 100% of the treasure if you miss it earlier. Old game problems. The reveal of the castle was a surprise. I'd completely forgotten about it - all I remembered were some moaning robed monks. Turns out, the castle's bloody brilliant. Right off the bat you get access to a range of new guns from the merchant, so I sold all my old shit and upgraded my whole arsenal. Then you start fighting on the ramparts - against flaming catapults and various zombie monks wielding maces and scythes. They're much harder than the squishy village zombies and you have long sightlines to put the sniper rifle to good use - it's so satisfying blowing their heads clean off with the scope. The monks really go for Ashley so the combat gets much more interesting. Then you head inside to be greeted with zombies with shields and hordes of monks. The different enemy types and their flanking tactics make each battle play out differently, even if you die and repeat. I met the comical midget Salazar, boss of the castle, who again I'd forgotten, if he's a boss later on I don't know what he's going to turn into! He has two creepy henchmen with Predator style mandibles, who I don't really want to fight. Then it's into the dungeons to fight a blind zombie slasher, you ring the bells to distract him, protecting Ashley as she turns cranks, and a foray into the sewers with invisible giant insects who hurt like a bitch if they sneak up to you on the ceiling. The game's getting better and better, for the first few stages it was fun and varied, a nice trip down memory lane. Now though I'm really enjoying it with the new enemies, harder challenge, and continual set pieces. Yes it has clunky movement, camera and controls, but everywhere else it's held up very well. It may not blow my mind every area, like it did the first time, when it set a new standard for single player experiences, but it's still damned good. I have a feeling it's longer than I thought too, only halfway through the castle and already about 8 or 9 hours in (admittedly taking time to find all the treasures). It's great to come back to a classic after so many years and return to find that age hasn't spoiled it much at all. Hell, many of the best games in the genre are inspired by Resi 4 - yet very few can match the sheer imagination and variety it offers. Looking forward to heading back into the castle this weekend and taking down Salazar and his cronies! I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has replayed Resi 4 recently and see how well you think it's aged - and also from anyone who still hasn't played it (are you mad?). Edit - when I was grabbing screenshots for this post, I saw one of Leon fighting an army guy. I kind of remember him now, he's like this awesome Russian or something and you get this wicked kung fu quick time event sequence with him. I think he's the punchy guy I remember around the Ada Wong segment. Man, there's so much more to see in this game! Also, the old PS/Gamecube screenshots that I found looked awful, so probably the overhauled HD graphics helps a lot in making thevisuals feel tolerable.
  2. Friendly obligatory warning, here be story spoilers. This is a thread for those who've finished the game and want to discuss it without having to use spoilers tags in the main God of War topic, or without having to decide what and what is not considered a spoiler by other readers. Again, here be spoilers. I'll add more later, am at work now
  3. Someone linked me to this page by one Simon Butler the other day. More at https://medium.com/@marshan/bandersnatch-for-c64-v0-1-the-story-so-far-985287305055 This looks amazing.
  4. With the closure of Telltale games being talked about in other threads I thought it would be nice to post some of our favourite Telltale scenes here. They might have had to deal with some incredibly creaky software creation tools but they still managed to create some amazing scenes. Spoilers obviously. I present to you (with no context) the greatest gun battle in video game history.
  5. Okay seeing as this has a rather excellent Photo-Mode it makes sense to have a dedicated thread for you fine folks to post pics in (this also avoids clogging up the main thread with spoilers) So I'll kick things off with some old and new pics: (album can be found here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskwuMNnt) I'm only actually up to Chapter 5, just cant stop snapping! (so doubt I'll be in here that much until I finish it)
  6. I don't have the game or a PS4 to play it on, so please spoil me with beautiful photographs from the new version.
  7. I want to talk about the Raid, so I thought I'd start a thread, and try and outline a set of spoilers we can work with. So our raid team got to have a go last night, and we made some progress. We got in, did the first bit: And the second bit: And got to, but didn't really start, the third bit: EDIT: fourth bit. Can we call them first, second, third and fourth when you make a spoiler section? I don't want to accidentally ruin the fun for people who don't get as far.
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