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I thought it was great fun but it seems that I'm all alone.  :(

No you're not, I think it's great fun too.

It's has an Oddworld Stranger feel but IMO is better for the simple fact that I'm not getting bored and giving up with it.

It also has much better horse control than SotC which is a godsend.

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It also has much better horse control than SotC which is a godsend.

In the sense that it's just a means of getting from A to B, as opposed to having some suggestion of realism where the horse might deviate slightly from its course just because it feels like it? <_<

I thought it was... okay. I finished it 100% this afternoon - just missed two of the 44 gold mines, but the stats didn't seem to take them into account. Plus, I ran out of things to spend the cash on, so I didn't really care about missing them (except the fact that on the 360, it counts towards your GamerScore). My real problem was that it tried to create a far darker Western world - which is fair enough, because I quite enjoyed that - and then kept wrenching you out of it by reminding you that you were playing a game by telling me I'd 'Completed The Mission!' and other game stylings. Yes, I know GTA does it as well, but... well, I didn't think it needed to be there. Heck, it used the same damn fonts that they have in Tony Hawk - might as well give me a skateboard and have done with it. :(

Also, there wasn't enough freedom, although I'm going on stuff we were told during preview stage. Where was the subsistence living, killing animals for cash (besides the pointless hunting missions)? Why should you scalp people, when it doesn't make any difference (I would have thought you could have sold the scalps somewhere... but that's not the case)? I'd hoped for something more. I enjoyed it, certainly, but... well, it just wasn't enough for me. Sorry.

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Impressions from the PC version.

The graphics are substandard PS1, the handling of the main character is fine but on his horse he seems to be all over the place. He also seems to be moving in treacle. Weapons seem good until you realise they have almost no power. The side missions are generally short (one included crossing the street and shooting a guy in a bar!).

Animation is horrific in some places - the wolves at one point SLID across the floor! No leg animation! Same later on with the horses, I zoomed in they were actually sliding across the screen.

I'm running it on a p4-3.2Ghz, in 800x600 and it still suffers slow down. There appears to be about 4 enemy types. Missions so far seem very generic and quite frankly after that first escort mission I turned the game off because it was so poorly put together it was as if that was how they'd done the difficulty level - make it unplayable.

The reload "label" appears to show up sometimes whether you're reloading or not. The logic of it is insane too - one section has you quickdrawing (The irony! It slows everything down and it's called quickdraw) arrows out of the sky. If you don't quickdraw then you need to reload but if you keep quickdrawing you can just fire off shot after shot. There's also sections where you've died and have to wait for the game to realise it.

What's worst is that this could have been SO good. The quickdraw works great, as does the zoom. The melee attack is also very powerful and well done. The intro/tutorial is also well handled.

But it all seems so meh. Sub par graphics, poor voice acting on the whole and just a very generic game play. Sorry but the violence just didn't make me go "Oh Wow!" it just seemed dull. Shooting off heads and seeing blood trails when you melee hardly elevates a poorly programmed game.

This is not only disappointing because it's crap but because it could have been so much better. It had real potential and th genre pretty much all to itself. It feels very cut-cornered and just dull.


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Been looking forward to this.

Never mind.

Back to Red Dead for me then.

Which, by the way, is a superb game. Absolutely cracking little gem of a game.

If it came out this year, it's a contender for underrated GotY for me.

Even if it is as hard as granite. On a cold day.

Yep - IMHO Red Dead Revolver is a lot better than this. RDR is a bit clunky but it's just so much more fun to play. I'm so underwhelmed by Gun that I can't be bothered to list all the things that irritate me about it. Thankfully, there are a few interesting things coming out this Friday - Soulcalibur 3, Capcom Classics, Half-Life 2 Xbox - so I'll be returning Gun for one of them.

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Worse than Red Dead? This game must be awful. I decided to sell (In the trading folder now! Shameless post whoring ahoy!) Red Dead Revolver after enough of the timesplitters-lite action. Give me a western with few, but deadly, opponents and guns where bullets are scarce but do their job.

Although after Red Dead 'm not convinced a western game could work for me.

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Give me a western with few, but deadly, opponents and guns where bullets are scarce but do their job.

Your opponents in Gun are as far away from that ideal as you could possibly imagine. One hit takes them down with very forgiving collision detection, ammo is so plentiful that you'd think you have an infinite supply. I gave up at about 60% but in that time I didn't even consider ammo once, and the firefights were all identical routines of hitting bullet time and circling the enemies. Don't forget that there's about 6,000 consecutive escort missions to enjoy, and the most bizarrely broken and undeveloped implementation of stealth you've ever seen.

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Ok so this game doesnt seem to be getting a lot of praise at the moment. Seeing as its just an easy port. But I managed to get a copy for 35 quid and Im enjoying it immensley. Its funny, involving and entertaining, think GTA without the cars.

Theres hardly a plethora of decent games out on the 360 at the moment so if you can get this cheap Id recommend it as it will help pass Xmas whilst you wait for some other games :ph34r:

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Just completed it. I thought it was great fun but it seems that I'm all alone. :rolleyes:

You're not alone. I rented this on the 360 and I thought it was good mindless fun. The horse-riding and combat are well implemented. I found the side missions (bounty-hunter, poker, hunting, time-trials etc) fun as a distraction from the main quest but once the main quest has finished and they are all you are left with, they do get a bit tedious. You also realise how small the gameworld is. With this in mind, I gave up around 90% complete. Anyway, I reckon it's worth picking it up if you see it cheap or maybe a weekend rental.

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I've gone back to this after my last save dated 24/05/07. And I've done more in the last 2 days than I had done in the previous 4 years.

It's not bad. A little "light" maybe. That might be my difficulty selection, but lets face it, my original sticking point was the bridge... then I got stuck on the stagecoach... now I seem to be sailing through it. Maybe I've just got better at games since I first picked it up, or, perish the though, but we got our HDtv in October of 2007... and I've just up'd the gamma as a way of seeing what was going on in the cave. Maybe the increase in graphical fidelity has had something to do with it.

I've been giving the side missions and all that jazz a bit of a miss though. Just want to get through it, even though there are cheeves for completing everything.

And then it got to a bit where the mission was three parts

Destroy the fort, kill the bloke, get the safe.

did part one, did part two, on like the 4th or 5th attempt and after dying during the third bit instead of retry, I hit quit.

Now I'm back at part two again.

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RPG-tastic! You can't progress past some of the EOLBs if you've not done enough side-quests to boost your stats. Couple of bounties, a spell as a deputy, a liddle biddle mining, and BOOM: HEADSHOT! That bit I was having difficulty with in my previous post? Done.

Now, I'll happily admit to using glitches to get past some of the stuff I've done since then.

Not getting close enough to activate the EOLB, and then shooting them with the sniper rifle, or sneaking round the back of the train, the concave side, and shooting the guy on the cannon in the shoulder without response

that sort of thing. Bit misogynistic though:

You can't subdue the all-girl gang. They MUST die!

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