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Games Gagging For A Remake

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I used to love Road Rash, with its paper-thin plot and 'rivals'... :o

When you had the chance to upgrade to the fastest bike(Diablo?) you felt like King Dong racing a bunch of no-hopers

Also I remember it was made by some company called Electronic Arts, I believe they are still around?

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Road rash in a Moto GP style.  :o

Ok then, just so yo udon't fell left out. Yeah a road Rash re-0make would be superb. I used to have great fun on the spilt screen Raod rash 2 with a mate, and then you oculd hardly see the screen.

I also second remakes for Double Dragon \ Streets of rage \ Golden Axe! Some of the best fun I've had on the new systems has been on Return of the king on two player. An updated Double dragon with interactive environments, role-playing move upgrades (while keeping the simple elbow move please) and crunching sound would be tops!

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Press and hold the "Alt" key and then press 2 then 5 then 5. A space should appear.

You can then copy that into the clipboard and just press Ctrl-V when you want a space.


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Shadowfire/Enigma Force My favourite C64 games. I liked them so much that I ripped off the story for one of my GCSE English assignments and got a mark of 7/10 :)

I did the same for my Proficiency English exams, where I wrote the Pandora Directive plot and I am sure that it helped me pass.

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Another vote for Frontier. Make it on PSP, with uber-sexy widescreen graphics. And if you wander into wifi range of someone you can link up as if you've just ran into each other in space. Trade, or battle? Hmm...

Infrastructure play, too, so you can check any user-posted Bulletin Board requests or ship sales. And then play it MMO-stylee. Of course, you'd only need to worry about playing with ships in the same system as you, so it'd keep things running smoothly. WINNAR/10

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