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The Little Touches


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1080 Avalanche

The awesome front end complete with scampering squirrels, swaying snow-powdered trees and a log cabin.

The wildlife - Rabbits, squirrels, hawks, and deer who break away for cover as soon as you approach.

The snow machine that covers your clothes in snow which gradually falls off the faster you travel.

The ice sculpture of Mario.

The Jet Skis and skiiers who travel around you.

Smashing through the restaurant.


I :D this game!

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Climbing a hill and watching the sun set in GTA: San Andreas. In fact every single second of that game is a wonderful experience.

Agreed. From the random NPC traffic accidents to the odd bit of street crime, it's the most engaging virtual place I've ever been to. And now I've got the Xbox version, I'm going to play through it all over again on my 360. This'll be the third time now.

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You know in Midtown Madness 3? The stunt man thing that's in the Xbox version (I assume it is in the PC one too but dunno), how he prepares to dive out the way? Well, some of the regular pedestrians do it in game too ('cos it's him like, full motion body capture or whatever). Funny as hell seeing that for the first time.

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In Resident Evil 4, it's nice how the game keeps track of how many nasties you've killed.

I love how the expressions on the animal's faces change in Zoo Keeper the longer you go without catching them. You can work out which animal you need the most by seeing whihc ones look pissed off.

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.::: - The contained Side-Hopper in Metroid Prime (and his morphing into something useful after the crash).

- The fake Kraid in Super Metroid

- Your uncle's letter in StarTropics.

- Symphony of the Night's audio-cd warning.

- The animé style intro and credits of Wild ARMs 3.

- Knocking over your Minicon-partner in Transformers.

- Pissed off comments during holidays in You Don't Know Jack.

- Trying Sonic for a username in Unirally.

- The Cheap-indicator in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

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Yeah. He does some stretches, then some starjumps, then moonwalks off the screen  :)

That is NOT a moonwalk! Both feet need to stay on the ground for that! He runs on the spot, is all. He stays there until the time runs out.

Anyways, my fave lil touch ever, is the slowly spreading marks on Wander in SotC. At first, while looking at the character, I thought the lighting was going funny. After a while I realised - and thought what the fuck is going on??

It was then I started wondering if killing the colossi was such a great idea.. ;) what a fucking spectacular game!

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Red Faction, where at the start the guards would refer to you as 'miner' but later on by your name. The posters were updated in a similar way too. Also, the conversations the guards had.

I'm sure it's been done elsewhere, but I thought it was great.

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Animal Crossing's so loaded with daft things, but my favourite is in the aquarium, after you've caught a piranha.

The rest of the fish are completely oblivious, so it's a surprise the first time you see him bashing his little head against the glass whenever you're close by.... heh.

The aggressive little fucker.

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The much loved Ico contains my fave. The physical reaction of Yorda being tugged forward when you run while holding her hand, actually meant that I would walk around the levels with her in tow to avoid causing her undue distress - all the better to soak in the sumptuous architecture.

And of course her response to you hitting a wall with your stick.

Yorda :rolleyes:

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