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Ian Brown, The Greatest

The Ass Festival

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Listening to the new compilation I'm left believing its title is merited. As a follow-up to the Very Best of the Stone Roses it highlights the second incredible body of work in his career. While I find the Stone Roses' debut to be timeless - as enjoyable today after hundreds of listens as it ever was - his solo work is much more eclectic and interesting, but when you put its finest moments together on one album you're left with one of the greatest Greatest Hits in recent times.

And if that's not enough, the special edition packaging is lush and the bonus disc a good mix of remixes and rarities, featuring his two Michael Jackson covers and a decidely messy one of the Sex Pistols' Submission with Steve Jones.

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I've never given Ian Brown the time of day seeing as I wasn't much of a fan of the Stone Roses. However I picked up Music of the Spheres and it blew me away. Easily in my top 10 albums.

This guy is sorely underated.

Good call!! MOTS is a fantastic piece of work.

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Just had the special edition turn up from cdwow (Never used them before, and seem to remember mixed reports but this cost £18 (it's currently going for £25 or therabouts on fleabay) and it turned up in two days. Not bad).

In short, I definitely recommend picking up the special edition version. It's a really nice package - comes in a gatefold DVD-size package with a booklet containing some good photos, a track-by-track from the man himself and most importantly - a second CD with rarities, remixes etc. Main reason I'd say pick up the special edition is that on the basis of a couple of listens to each CD, the special edition CD2, is superior to the 'greatest hits' CD1. Great, luxurious mixes of FEAR and Dolphins were Monkeys, plus a very Peter Hook bassline on another mix. Pretty yummy for a lapsed madchester fanboy!

Sure, I'm basically an aged Stone Roses (specifically 1st album) fan who picked this up because I wanted something a bit more accessable than the new Sigur Ros one, and I can see it palling eventually, but it's really hitting the button right now.

Oh - and I even think the Michael Jackson covers are great - sure, he doesn't emote like Michael Bolton or that bloke from Coldplay, but that's not what he does, and they're great, downbeat interpretations.

Buy it.

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I got this a few days ago and it is a very good record.

I've never picked up any of his LP's, just had a casual interest in his singles due to the Roses.

I haven't got the DVD boxed version but the CD I have is stickered 'special edition'. What's the diff from the 'non-special edition' CD...anyone know?

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