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I might have to find you forum people and follow you around, I'm having trouble getting anyone to go because it clashes wth something else.

If you're talking about the Sheffield gig, sure, the more the merrier.

We'll sort details out closer the time.

Zombi: Down of the Dead Original soundtrack

Music by Goblin

http://rapidshare.de/files/16274311/Goblin...o_dust.rar.html ;)

Down of the Dead... sounds ace. Sort of like, Zombies having a bad day. or Undead: Wrong side of the bed.

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I'll get some numbers together and we'll jump a train up if you fancy.

The Mogwai gig worked out well, comforable train ride there and back without needing too much rushing (Unless you were on Alan's train)

Yep, it's a doddle to get to Sheffield. How about we make a weekend of it and get Mitchell some beers in as well? It's only right...

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The Gonk has been a family favorite ringtone for a good few years now. My Dad, brother and me all have it; I think my mum would too if she knew how to control her phone.

Problem is, it's just far too catchy to want to answer the call.

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I've just heard this potentially amazing news.

Zombi - Prog Rock Duo using only electric bass, drums, and a collection of analog synthesizers, on Relapse Records. If John Carpenter and Alex Van Halen started a prog-rock band this would be it. www.zombi.us

Thrones - Solo project of Joe Preston (earth, the melvins, high on fire) Weird as fuck Punky Drone. I know that sounds weird but thats the best i can describe it. www.killrockstars.com/bands/factsheets/thrones/

Raucous - Amazing band from Manchester, seen supporting Gwar, Red Sparowes, Mono.. it goes on. Album coming out on roadkill records towards the end of the year - http://teamdunc.com/raucous/itnomo/05_-_raucous_-_these.mp3

Day for Airstrikes - Another of the bands on the Roadkill Records roster, fucking brilliant instrumental music, similar to floyd/explosions in the sky and godspeed, with so much more. http://www.myspace.com/dayforairstrikes

Star and Garter Manchester - £6 in.

Day for Airstrikes is my brothers band, the lucky gits.

If this is fact then I'll be seeing Zombi twice in a weekend!

EDIT: Just spoke to my brother, and he's confirmed it. wOOp!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Great gig last night.

Zombi were on first, which sadly ment that they only had a short set, 2 songs :angry: (They were long songs though).

Everything I expected them to be, i.e blindingly ace.

I took a short video which I'm sticking up on YouTube now, the sound quality isn't fantastic, it gets better to the end when I stop pointing the camera at the drums, a lesson learned for the Sunday gig, so I'll try to do some more then.

Took some photos too:





Second up was Ex-Melvins man, Thrones.

At first we thought it was the roadie setting up the equipment until he started playing music, well, I say music, I'm gonna have to use the term loosely, and I say playing, I'm also going have to use that term loosely too.

It consisted of some fucked up old bass guitar with its guts ripped out and replaced by one pickup and a volume knob. The 'music' consisted of him thrashing it around along to a backing track of drums, other bass and other bits. He also sang through a vocoder.

Now I've never felt the urge to laugh during a gig, but both me and our kid found this bemusing, and hilarious at the same time, I mean fits of giggles. The whole thing was so fucking stupid and the sounds so daft that it set us off. This might not have been a bad thing, but we were stood right in front of him.

ISIS were great, not as tight as I've previously seen them play, there were a few fuckups in the rhythm, but it didn't really deter from the rest of the show, certainly not to the scale of the Thrones fuckups (the whole thing).

There's debate of whether Thrones is headlining the Sunday Manchester gig. My brother asked the gig organiser last night to try and stop it. We really need Zombi to play a longer set, and if it's going to have four bands playing then that's not going to happen. So fingers crossed Thrones aren't playing tomorrow.

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I was gutted I ended up not being able to make it in the end, but Zombi only having two songs makes me feel a little bit better. Thrones are a bit weird, he has done some good songs but most of those are fucked-up covers, his original stuff is generally gash.

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I spoke to AE Pattera about the other gigs and he said they'd all be longer sets. Although I'm not sure about tonights gig; I've just spoke to our kid and he said no ones got a clue what time the thing starts or in which order. It looks like Thrones are playing which will mean four bands, so I can't see them having a long set regardless.

I bought a t-shirt at the gig on Friday too, and I've just noticed that it's XL; I wanted medium. So for the first time ever, quite possibly in history, I'm going to take clothes back to a gig to get them exchanged :(

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I didn't take any photos or videos of Sundays gig.

It wasn't very good TBH. It was badly organised, the sound system was utter wank, and each band barely had any stage time.

First up was our kids band, There's six of them in it, but the stage was that shitty that only five could to play, no room for another. Due to them being so big, there wasn't enough monitors and the like to go round, so they couldn't hear themselves play. There was no time given for any of the bands to sound check, so it was plug and play music.

So things started off pretty bad.

Second band Raucous are smaller so didn't have some of the difficulties, but still the sound wasn't good loosing half of the audio is some sort of mushy mess.

Then Thones came on, possibly the worst event of the night (and not because I don't like the music).

He didn't have the problems of the other bands due to it being him and a drum machine sample thing. But the sound still wasn't that great. Then just at the end of his second song, the sound system decided to stick on it's own music. Cue audio guy running round pulling plugs from all over the show trying to find out where the music was coming from. This went on for the best part of 10 minutes until Joe said it wasn't worth continuing.

Finally Zombi, after a really long setup time they came on stage, and actually sounded pretty good. The only problem was that they got on at about 10:10pm and the music licence only lasts till 10:30pm

They played till 10:45pm so it wasn't a total waste.

I had to leave a couple of minutes before the end, but could still hear them play as I was walking up the road (through a very seedy part of Manchester, full on red light district with pimps and prostitutes wondering around), sounded really cool actually.

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