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The All-new Rllmuk Online Poker Classic!

Jesse May

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Right then, the current situation looks like this:

Monday: 4 vetoes

Tuesday: 1 veto

Wednesday: 3 vetoes

Thursday: 2 vetoes

Friday: 2 vetoes

So, I'll wait until later today to make the final decision to give others time to vote, but it's obviously looking like Tuesday unless things change.

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Tuesday eh?

Sounds suspiciously like a conspirancy to me.

Have a good game....I'll be watching a Keaneless Utd battling to stay in the Champions League.

I don't think Jonamok can make Tuesday - there's been neither sight nor sound from him in this thread for ages! It's a shame - I thought he was keen to play.

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Tuesday eh?

Sounds suspiciously like a conspirancy to me.

Sorry about that, genuinely. Yours was the only vote for Tuesday, and the rest got more vetoes. As you're at the action end, we'll make sure you're definitely included in the rest of the games along with the other possible winners.

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Email sent to add the following players:




Also, from organising a bunch of these games, I feel like I've now developed a special bond with some of the UB staff. One of them, though, seems to have taken my outgoing, friendly nature as a sign that I'd like to be his boyfriend:

Hello again dear,


Thank you for contacting us.


All four players listed below have been successfully registered into TID 128805.


Sideshow Mark




Please feel free to contact us at any time if we may assist you in any other way.




Tournaments department

Notable also for the comedy maths contained within.

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After assuming that Melvin and I had an intimate bond, and pushing things a little too far with those emailed pictures, I discovered that Melvin in fact works for a gambling site on an Indian reservation in French-speaking Canada, and I remember from watching the X-Men cartoon and The Big Easy that French speaking people in North America call everyone "cher". So don't make the same mistake I did, Jesse.

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If he starts calling me Cher, then I really think it will be time to call it quits. There are many things I'd do for love (I'm much like Meatloaf in that respect, and one other), but straddling a huge, phallic cannon in stockings and suspenders isn't one of them.

Not twice, anyway.

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15 players now confirmed and added, up to and including Ross:

Billy Brown : Bill E Brown

SpongeManTim : SpongeThe3rd

SuperNashwan: SuperNashwan

Graham_S : Graham_S

Stifler : Stiflertime

lucanvortex: Lucanvortex

Jonamok : jonamok

Sideshow : Sideshow Mark

Burning_Kittens : Burning_K

popseen : popseen

Phatboy : TwistedChris

michael : idlemichael

Fondue : Fondue3

Cheeko : CheekoRobbins

Ross : gustocmf

Any more for any more?

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