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The All-new Rllmuk Online Poker Classic!

Jesse May

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Excellent game tonight guys, shame obs chat isn't working on the final table ^_^

Out in 8th place, so at least I'll get a point for my efforts -_-

Sideshow's looking pretty unstoppable at the mo, so good luck to everyone else at the table ;)

See you all again next week hopefully.

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Congratulations to all the money winners for making it in a particularly ruthless game.

Thank you, I think

Oddly enough this week, as I was saying during that game, I've had my worst streak in the UB $5 SnG's not placing in 8 on the trot. In most of them I was second or third person out.

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Not sure what happened with observer chat on the final table, I did email to request it. Anyway:

This week's results (game 8 of 10)

1. Sideshow Mark 10 pts

2. CheekoRobbins 8 pts

3. U-1 6 pts

4. jonamok 5 pts

5. popseen 4 pts

6. SuperNashwan 3 pts

7. rllmukRazzle 2 pts

8. Stiflertime 1 pt

9. Lucanvortex

10. Burning_K

11. TwistedChris

12. Bill E Brown

13. Graham_S

14. gustocmf

15. Fondue3

16. SpongeThe3rd

17. PeteBrant

Updated table to follow tomorrow...

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Nice one SS & the other winners.

Once again (as seems to often happen) I go in too hard and get busted on the river. Oh well, that's life! I must try to get to the final table at least next time!!

I'll have to confirm which days I can do next week, but it's looking like BAD days will be Tues and Weds.

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Well played Sideshow, going one on one at the end of the tournament is pretty intense, I was all caught up in the moment and went out with a pair of kings, which I wouldn't mind but I'd let the river cards go down and there was a straight staring me in the face.

I'm well happy though, was damn lucky to make it through the all-ins and other big bets I called, especially hitting a flush with the final card against Graham_S :D

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Week 8 League Table (Best 7 results of 10 apply)

1. ThreeBs 48

2. SuperNashwan 34

3. Bill E Brown 25

4. gustocmf 23

5. Graham_S 22

6. Lucanvortex 21

7. Sideshow Mark 19

8. U-1 18

9. Stiflertime 16

10= Burning_K 15

10= jonamok 15

10= Pants McSkill 15

13. popseen 12

14. CheekoRobbins 8

15. TwistedChris 6

16. Nimmel 4

17. ahyums2 3

18= rllmukRazzle 2

18= Shawyboy 2

18= simonav 2

21= choddo 1

21= idlemichael 1

Only SuperNashwan can catch ThreeBs now

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Dammit - apologies for the no-show people, there were 'incidents' that couldn't be avoided (namely a fuck-off asthma attack that really caned me around 8.00pm). Still, better now.

As long as you're okay dude, s'all that matters.

Of course, we were all cursing your sorry arse as your empty chair limped on to the final table :(

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Looks like Thursday is favourite for next week so far with only one veto. Monday has had a bunch of black marks, so I'll give you until tomorrow evening to get your votes in (I need to give them a couple of days' notice to get the game set up). Vetoes in please, those who haven't already.

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