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Jesse May

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Ok, I have had a little brainwave.  We could use the Halo 2 tournament folder!


There hasnt been a post in over a month!  Im not even sure there will be another tourney, prob not.  I still think that folder should remain, probably renamed as a general online tournament folder.

So as such, poker should be welcome there  ;)

Obviously we still want a seperate folder, but this could do as a stop gap for a week (YEAR?!) until Rob gets us sorted.  We can just get all the threads moved when that occurs.


Why, you cheeky young scamp!

If people are genuinely worried about an extra subfolder meaning it'll take significantly longer to select their desitnation from the quick menu, might it be an idea to get rid of sub folders that are no longer needed? For instance, do the Halo 2 lads still need their Tournament folder? All but one of the threads have been untouched since July, and that one has been dormant since August. Not a nag, as it being there doesn't particularly bother me if it's needed for the future. Just an idea.

I think it will be needed in the future.  Metalicfrodo is in the middle of organising one.

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Why, you cheeky young scamp!

Very true, but I misunderstood your reasoning. I was simply protecting its existance. As I say, I still think that folder is needed for tournaments, but as for Halo, it looks like Frodos isnt really taking off the ground.

We could definitely use that folder for a week or two without any fear of compromising that tourney, even if it was to get off the ground.

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