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The All-new Rllmuk Online Poker Classic!

Jesse May

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I'm afraid despite the fact I haven't managed to play yet, I won't be able to until after christmas, at which point I'll stick a shedload of money in my account in England so they don't get ansy about my ip being in Italy. Then I'll play!

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When's the latest I can pull out if I need to?

Sorry for the delayed reply. You can pull out right up until the minute before the tournament starts, but you'll need to log in and unregister manually yourself by finding the game (TID: 133734) and clicking on the Unregister button. If you have any problems, drop me a PM or post in here.

All 13 who have confirmed are registered for the game. I guess it's going to be a low count this week due to the Xbox 360-related japery going on, but the main thing is that both title contenders are fully greased and raring to go. Can SuperNashwan pull off the impossible? Will ThreeBs bottle it like a little girl? Only time will tell.

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