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The All-new Rllmuk Online Poker Classic!

Jesse May

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Excellent! :unsure:

If you want to play tonight, you'll need to get the money in your account ASAP. We'd need to email them by 8pm to be able to add you to the tourney, and you should do it as far in advance as the cut-off as possible, as they're sometimes a bit slow and don't add people in time.

Okay well I'm leaving work now so I'll register as soon as I get home!

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I don't think so: we celebrated the fact that we were going to have one, but we spoke too soon and people dropped out. According to my records, anyway.

You're right of course, as always.

Just checked, and the biggest we've had before is 20 in week 5.

Bring on the 3 table carnage

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Ah well.

It was great to have so many players. Just a little disappointed to go out that early (15th). Got hit heavily by pocket AA a couple of times to get my stack right down. Thought I did well to come back from those short-stacked positions, but eventually ran into a dominated Ace from The Underscore. I really want to try out my heads-up play with someone, but haven't got far enough for ages. (Just as a counterbalance, I did get some nice pocket cards/flops in the first 20 mins or so. The cards practically played themselves.)

Never mind though. That's poker, as they say. Looking forward to next week's game, especially if we can get as many players as this week. Cheers to Jesse/Billy for organising this one. I guess it is my turn next time round?


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Only got signed in just after 11 to watch the last few players, but it certainly looked like a fantastic game tonight.

Well done to U-1, and also to Billy who came back from being the short stack of the final few to coming a very close second :)

I'm free every day next week except Monday (although I'm on holiday from work, so might go away for a few days), so hopefully see you all then :(

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Oh my word!!!

Cheers for a fantastic game guys.. I'll post more when Ive recovered  :)

Just make sure you don't recover by next week.

Well Played....a truly excellent performance (especially beating the brothers Bailey to the 1st spot)

Another cracking night....thanks to Jesse / Bill / Tom for organising - rewarded by being ITM again.

Just a minute..........

.....didn't The _ orgainse last week?

Didn't The _ win last week?

Is there a pattern emerging?

Conspiracy Theorists....it's over to you.

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Hello, flush fans. The second event of The Rllmuk Poker Classic Tour 2: This Time It’s Relatively Personal produced some truly powerhouse poker, with U-1 taking home the biggest wad after some tense heads-up play with Billy Brown. ThreeBs took third place after looking strong throughout. SuperNashwan must be kicking kittens after finishing one place out of the money for two weeks straight.

The leaderboard’s looking tasty with it tight up top, although the cream seems to be rising already – Billy Brown is king of the current hill.

Thanks to those who took part, and here’s to next week’s game.

Final placings for event 2:

1. U-1 10 pts ($60)

2. Bill E Brown 8 pts ($36)

3. ThreeBs 6 pts($24)

4. SuperNashwan 5 pts

5. Pants McSkill 4 pts

6. ahyums2 3 pts

7. Shawyboy 2 pts

8. Graham_S 1 pt

9. Burning_K

10. Hean Dog

11. Thush

12. jonamok

13. Lucanvortex

14. TheSoong

15. SimonAv

16. Nimmel

17. Sideshow Mark

18. rllmukRazzle

19. choddo 1

20. davweb

DNP: Fondue3

DNP: MackemMick

DNP: packetloss

DNP: gustocmf

Season 2 Standings (Week 2 of 10, Best 7 results of 10, Formula 1 scoring)

1. Bill E Brown 14 pts

2. U-1 12 pts

3. Graham_S 11 pts

4= SuperNashwan 10 pts

4= ThreeBs 10 pts

6. jonamok 8 pts

7. Pants McSkill 4 pts

8= ahyums2 3pts

8= Burning_K 3 pts

10. Shawyboy 2 pts

11. choddo 1 pt

12= davweb

12= Fondue3

12= gustocmf

12= Hean Dog

12= kingporko

12= Lucanvortex

12= Nimmel

12= packetloss

12= Sideshow Mark

12= SimonAv

12= Stiflertime

12= TheSoong

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Cheers again guys.

The cards really were with me tonight. At times it felt like I could do no wrong. (Apart from calling on a stupid flush draw early on and drop from 2nd to 20th)

Cheers to Bill for a great Heads-up. Had me VERY worried towards the end, started losing my bottle Big Time!

I think the fact that I finished on a 4/6s Full House sums up my luck this evening.

Oh and Im sure Graham thought I was picking on him.. but it wasnt the case...honest! :)

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That's very unfortunate.

Do you reckon it hurt as much as having pocket bullets busted by pocket 4s?

Another superb game of poker tonight guys, and I'm not just saying that because I finished in the money. These last two games have seen some really great poker (and yes, some extremely harsh beats -- sorry Shawyboy!).

Well done U-1, some ace heads-up tension there. I thought I had you after clawing my way into the chip lead, but it wasn't to be. Nice one.

I'm going to find it difficult to stop channeling the divine spirit of Jesse; I hope he doesn't have quite such an overpowering affect on you this week, Thush.

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I'm only pulling your leg. I'm sure you'll wipe the smile off my face on Friday.

And maybe beat me at poker too.

Anything's possible! To be honest, I'm slightly perturbed about my almost total lack of NL play since taking up Limit.

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