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Holly's - Songs I Like To Sing To

Popsicle - Join My Stream

Ace start, nice and poppy. Not sure if the vocals add or take away to it, though the 'oh it's ending! it's not!' bits are ace- make the simple guitaring sound better.

Phoenix - Too Young

Not listened to anything off Unititled in 'aaaaaageeesss'. Fits neatly onto the CD and is obviously an ace track.

Garbage - When I Grow Up

This is the first song I think of when I think Garbage, I don't know why. Was it the first single off 2.0? Anyway. It's Shirley Manson being sexy for sounding innocent, the sampling on this doesn't sound as butchered as on their last album.

Chemical Brothers - Close Your Eyes

Worst song on the album. I was all like- "The Magic Numbers?!" then I was like "It IS them, but it's not...they're on someones album..." and was equally annoyed. Sorry. Zzz

Luscious Jackson - Mood Swing

Favourite song. Maybe because of what it follows, maybe because of the way it was unexpected- maybe because it's just a decent song. I really enjoy vocals that are in parallel with the music.

Moloko - Cannot Contain This

First time I listened to this CD, I woke up after a HEAVY session and could barely phathom it was the Mix CD. This soothed me as much as New Order, reminded me a lot (beat wise) of Erlend Oye.

Grace - Down To Earth

Again, first time listenage was hungover and I think this lulled me back to painless sleep. I'm a big believer in what you do when you listen to CDs for the first time and that was one mighty hangover and this is one mighty soothing song.

New Order - Dream Attack

This is one of the NO tracks that just describes them in that sub-5 minute jubilance. Wonderful lyrics (to sing along to!), darkness of the bass line, simple yet killer electro work simmering in the background. Brilliant.

The Golden Path - Chemical Brothers

Wayne Coyne can do no wrong in my book and I thought this was an ace collabiration. The Chemical Brothers don't stem too much from their usual sound (though enough for it not to matter this is the second track on the CD from them) and Wayne is his typical "I can't sing! But I can fucking try!".

The Sundays - Wild Horses

I've heard two covers of this since I got the CD. One's on the new Girls Aloud album, the other was a live cover by Iron and Wine & Calexico. You can't really moan about a song like that.

Mazzy Star - Wasted

I've never got on with Mazzy Star. I think they're one of those 'had to be there' 90's bands. This just sounds like sub-par Black Keys to me.

Popsicle - Histrionics

Started off quite promising then descended into sub-par indie. Not heard of them before though and it's at the end of the CD.

With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley

Ahhh. I'm looking at the poster from the gig they played here back in July. They were so exposed and honest and simple- just like this song. I totally sing along to it everytime I hear it. Applause at the end!

Overall, a really really nice CD. It's a relief to finally get something in for sending out, even though it's really no ones fault buy my silly ex-Flatmate. As I said, first time I listened was amazingly hungover and there are some soothing grooves- highlights extending from Lucious Jackson to The Sundays. The mix isn't as disjointed as I first thought- probably due to repeat listens. It starts nice enough, shocks with the electroness and then winds down without too much jumping about.

Thanks Holly! I've added it to the selection of Mix CDs on the shelf :P;):)

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Just a quick note to say that your cd arrived today S8N. Thanks for eventually sending it. I love the 'artwork' and don't know any of the rock 'n' roll songs so I'll let you know what I think after a listen or two. Cheers

I lied. I knew the tracks by Guns n Roses, Outkast and the Stooges ;)

Had another listen today, here are the highlights:

1. Love the opening "This album is dedicated to the good fuckers and those who want to be good fuckers"

4. I recognise this from somewhere, not a bad tune.

5. But this one was much better

6. "Why don't you just.... Fuck Off?" Not the best GnR track but alright

8. Any tune called 'Hobo Humping Slobo Babe' needs some respect. This was quite a funky little barrel of noise!

9. Never did like Bombs over Bagdad

11. Awesome!! :D \m/

Assume I didn't like the rest, thanks for sending it over :ph34r:

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OK - tracklisting for my CD was:

1. The emotions - Show Me How (Live @ Wattstax)

2. Wlliam DeVaughn - Be thankful for what you've got

3. Lulu - Take Your Mama For a Ride

4. AWB - Pick Up The Pieces

5. BT Express - Do It

6. Charlotte Church - Call My Name

7. Brenda & the Tabulations - California Soul

8. Brothers Of Hope - I Gonna Make You Love Me

9. Paul Simon - Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard

10. The Meters - Handclapping Song

11. Chuck Carbo - Can I be your squeeze?

12. Allen Toussaint - Get Out Of My Life Woman

13. Fred Westley - House Party

15. Herbie Hancock - Waggle

15 Buck 65 - Centaur (Acoustic Version)

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