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Beta Band Dvd


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Got this on Monday and had a quick skim through it. The first DVD has videos, a few live tracks from the farewell tour and a few silly/funny trailers. The second DVD has 3 documentaries.

The thing that surprised me is that the videos on the first DVD aren't complete - there are promos missing which is kind of annoying. Many of the videos aren't regular promos but new stuff put together in 2004/2005. Most of them are great.

A weird videogame link is that the trailers and some of the videos are funny, lo-fi, Scottish-accented almost Consolevania-style stuff :D

I also got the Best Of CD, mostly for the live CD that comes with it. Not listened to it yet though.

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I've ordered both the CD and DVD set from Amazon, the fuckers still haven't dispatched my order yet, in spite of a delivery estimate of yesterday. Still, I can't wait to get it, I was actually at the Shepards Bush concert I think they've recorded for this, it was a great show. Of all of the stuff they've included in the set I'm more hyped about seeing the concert footage more than anything else.

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