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Which Game Consoles Do You Have


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Although it's a list thread and I'm suppoed to sneer at it it has made me realise the the 360 & PS3 are arriving to early for my liking.

I've never got my room set up how I wanted it since I moved in, which means that the DC/N64 are not always ready for action....and I play on them less.

The thought of binning off the PS2, Cube and XBox to fit in the new ones is annoying.

You don't have to buy a new console the very second it's released, man.

On topic: Yod@box

The win.

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Yay, finally the list thread to end all list threads.

In half-remembered, probably-horribly-wrong, chronological order:

(Acorn Electron)

(Sinclair Spectrum +2A)




GameBoy (stolen (from me))

2nd GameBoy

GameBoy Colour

2nd Playstation



Playstation 2

GameBoy Advance

3rd Playstation


GameBoy Advance [Afterburner]

GameBoy Advance SP


Slimline PStwo


2nd Xbox

2nd Gamecube

2nd DS (from Stars Catalogue)


GBA Micro (Famicom edition)

Thankyou, it's been a journey.

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Hmm, consoles eh?

1 Game Gear with a fucked d-pad. UK.

3 Saturns. One works. All unchipped, all UK.

2 Dreamcasts. One is utterly destroyed. All unchipped, all UK.

1 Xbox. Has had DVD drive replaced once already. Unchipped. UK.

1 DS. Canada.

I have owned, but later sold:

1 Gameboy, UK.

1 Neo Geo Pocket Color, UK.

1 Gameboy Advance, Australia.

1 Gamecube, unchipped, UK.

1 Gameboy Advance SP, Hong Kong.

Exciting, eh?

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These are the consoles I've got left :

Saturn PAL / modded with switches

Dreamcast PAL

PSOne / PAL + official tft screen

Playstation 2 (slimline) / charcoal black / US

Playstation 2 (original model) / charcoal black / US with HDD and network adaptor

Playstation 2 (slimline) / ceramic white / JP

Playstation 2 (slimline) / satin silver / PAL

PSP / Canada

Xbox PAL / modded

Xbox PAL

Gamecube / silver ed. / US

Gamecube / purple ed. / PAL + GBA player

GBA SP / black

GBA SP / "golden" Zelda lim. ed.

DS / bought in Canada

"Next up" are a GBA micro and/or a backlit GBA sp; coming december an Xbox 360.

I've owned, but sold the following games machines :

Saturn / PAL not modded

PSX / Pal chipped for import only

SNES / Pal

N64 / Pal


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I'll play:

Atari 800XL & Atari 130XE (they take game carts), Megadrive (+ copybox), Sega GameGear, Nintendo N64, Atari Jaguar, NeoGeo Pocket Color, Sega Saturn (modded), GameBoy Advance SP (Famicom, NES & a normal blue one). PlayStation 2 (modded), XBOX (modded). Nintendo DS (US), Sony PSP (jap v1.50).

The GameBoy Micro Famicom is on its way from yesasia. I'm thinking about ordering a ceramic white PSP and will probably pre-order a XBOX 360 today or next week. I'll buy a black GBA SP backlit once they have 'm in the shops here.

Some of the older consoled I bought after the newer ones. I started with the Atari XL (after that I continued gaming on PC's and Atari ST's). Bought my first propper console, the GameGear, when in I was in the army for a year. Many years later after exclusive PC gaming I bought a PS2 when it was already 2 or 3 year on the market and after that started to buy the other consoles as they came out and collected the older ones.

(edited about 4 times)

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I was reading this quite frankly enchanting thread and listening to saint etienne's equally wonderful "here come clown feet", when suddenly(!) I lost all feeling on the left side of my penis.

Is this normal?

Edit: I once licked the screen of an Astro Wars or was it Caveman(?) unit, but of course, I didn't inhale, natch.

Is that worth anything to you people?

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A/V Famicom (JPN)

Master System (PAL)

Mega Drive 1 (JPN)

Mega CD 1 (JPN)

Super Famicom (JPN)

White PC Engine (JPN)

PC Engine Duo R (JPN)

White Saturn (JPN)

N64 (JPN)

N64 (PAL)

Dreamcast (JPN)

Dreamcast (PAL)

White Slimline PS2 (JPN)

Gamecube + GB Player (JPN)

Xbox (PAL)

Gameboy (UK)

Gameboy Pocket (UK)

Gameboy Color (JPN)

Gameboy Advance (JPN)

Gameboy Advance SP (UK)



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Wait. Is this a serious topic?

If so...

I dunno.

All of them?

Thirty-ish plus?

Who cares?

More if you count duplicates. Jeez, you can't expect me to keep track of all this stuff do you?

The last console I bought was a CDI. A great machine, except now the internal battery has died, meaning I've lost the save files for all my RPGs/Adventure Games. :(

Actually, thats a lie, it was a Vectrex at a French market.

The next console conquest I intend to be... Possibly an Amiga CD32. Though I am tempted to go for a Marty, or something by SNK even. And I wouldn't mind a Jag CD now that I think about it. I intend to wait for a mod-chip to become available before I buy a 360.

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Hmm...Sega Megadrive I, Master System converter for MegaDrive (if that counts), there's a Sony PlayStation 2 a couple of doors away in my brother's room (he also has an N64 in there but hardly ever uses it), an Xbox and Sega Dreamcast in mine...oh, and I've got a Gameboy Pocket, Pocket Color, and Advance...and there's a Gameboy Classic under my bed somewhere. Meh.

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