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Which Game Consoles Do You Have


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Wonderswan Color Final Fantasy II model.

GBA sp Jap Famicom.

Sega Nomad.

Nintendo DS (Jap)


Snes (US)

Snes (UK)

Sega Saturn (UK modded)

Nintendo 64 (UK)

Playstation (US)

Dreamcast (UK)

Playstation 2 Aqua blue ltd edition (Chipped).

Gamecube (Purple one)

Gamecube (Resident Evil 4 one).

Xbox (UK).

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Gameboy Colour


Master System

Megadrive 1

Megadrive 2

Megadrive Hong Kong


Sega Saturn







And not to leave out computers:

48K Spectrum

Amiga A500

Mainly because my collection only takes up one room, whereas Rat Boy has consoles propping up every bit of furniture and hidden in kitchen cupboards etc

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It's my son's not mine  :o

phew ^^;;;; :)

So what are the games on it actually like. From the ad on the television they seemed pretty poorly made.

It doesnt get much play since he discovered my snes and 2d marios though. He's scarilly good for a 5 year old can get all the way to the last cave on Super Mario World without any help (apart from a couple of ghost houses)  :)

Christ, and to think that when I was 10 I couldn't even complete Mario Land 2.... :)

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Famciom (boxed japanese, not HK)

Famicom Disk

Twin Famicom

PC engine Core grafx II

Mega Drive 1

Mega Drive 2

Mega Cd 2


Japanese n64 (with modded cart slot)




PS2 (silver satin)

Softmodded xbox


Final Fantasy I Wonderswan boxset

Final Fantasy II Wonderswan boxset

Now with added:


Nintendo DS (blue)

Tales of symphonia gamecube

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