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Casino Bonus Bagging


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sportingodds are such idiots. Theyve had my account closed for about 3 weeks and still havent told me what theyre doing, despite the fact i think they closed it because i got disconnected during a money transfer so they think somethings fishy going on.

gahhhh fucktards.

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Did the SkyBet one this afternoon. Came away with the full bonus but it could have been soooo much better. I'm over it now though!

I think I'm only going to do the BlueSQ one now and then that's it. All the others seem to be either £50 or don't allow Black Jack. Casinos played:



William Hill

888 / Casino-on-Net



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I think tyler should post his experience on it, he was doing hands of £50 at one point  ;)

:D I say I've learnt my lesson but I doubt it!

If I'd taken a step back sat on £750 (without bonus) I'd have rinsed them, but no I had to rush through it.


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Done a few in the last couple of days to pay for my X box 360.

Heres the breakdown:

sporting odds £75 profit

Harrods Casino £50 profit

paddy power £55 profit

uk betting £10 profit (gave up before bonus as the software was dog slow)

at the races £122 profit

Littlewoods reload bonus £120.50 profit

Intercasino reload bonus £89 profit.

These were all £50 deposits, with on average £1000 playthrough required. Covered my new X box then some :blink:

Its getting thin on the ground for me now in finding decent new ones to do. anyway know what the t&c of Goldenpalace is? Cant see it anywhere on their site.

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Well just had my first go at this on Bet365 tonight and ended up with a total profit of £28.50. Terrible run towards the end.

Hmmm. I'll keep going I guess. Excellent thread, that wager counter thing is the best little piece of software ever.

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Gah, well Sporting Odds wasn't very sporting.

A few choice stats.

My Wins: 33%

Dealer Wins: 43%

My Blackjacks: 16

Dealer Blackjacks: 29

Biggest Winning Streak: 4

Biggest Losing Streak: 14

Needless to say my £50 was wiped out.


Two casino's gone, and I'm £21.50 down. Any idea where to go next?

I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I'm sticking to the wizard of odds table religiously and employing a very conservative sweeper system (1,1,2,2,4,4,6,6,8 etc.)

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I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I'm sticking to the wizard of odds table religiously and employing a very conservative sweeper system (1,1,2,2,4,4,6,6,8 etc.)

I stay well clear of the sweeper system, the longer your winning streak continues the more likely you are to lose a hand, yet with that system you're constantly increasing the bet so you lose more when you do lose.

So, you've won 4in a row, thats £6 profit, then you increase to £4 bet and lose, that takes you down to £2 profit, if you'd stayed at £1 bets you would be on £3 profit after losing the 5th bet.

I do increase my bets when on a winning run but I only increase to £2 and stay there (unless its a ridiculous streak and I'm suddenly up another £30 and I will up it to £3)

As long as you never increase your bet when losing you should still be fine though, I had my first scare in a long while, did the littlewoods monthly £50, put £70 in the account and was down to £2 twice, somehow ended up making £10 profit from it tho, phew!

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having a rubbish bonus whoring day, lost about $40 playing poker on bet365, then I go to hard rock casino for the £50 bonus, my 50 deposit goes down to £5 before pathetically making it's way up to £30, I've cleared the requirement so I'm leaving that alone for the £20.

Then its off to total bet for the monthly £25, put £50 in there and same thing, down to bloody £8, then I realise of course its only a £25 bonus so I'm down, I clear the requirement and think fuck it, if I drop to £10 then I'll chuck a £10 bet on and be done with it, a series of £10 bets and about 30 seconds later my bonus is credited and I'm on £115 :) hooray!

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Wow that's hard luck mate, I've had a much more even handed experience with HardRockCasino.


£8 up on normal play. Just waiting for my bonus now, but I should make a tidy profit out of that.

Were you doing £2 bets or something? I stuck to £1 wagers because you really can't afford much variance with just £25 in the bank.

Edit: Bonus came through, waged once for a profit of £52.50 B)

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These are the numbers for my casinos missing from that table:-

All profit (only ever lost money on one casino and I think that was becuase I fucked about with the autoplay settings):-

Harrods £10

attheraces £60

intercasino.com £110

intercasino.co.uk £45

hardrock £30

willhill £100(also £35 from last monthly bonus)

coral £20

Littlewoods £105

VC £235 (and £60 on the 2nd November too, dunno what that was)

Totesport £130

888 £330

sportingodds £125

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doing the absolutely insane spinpalace one. 75 times play through. lol! Still. I was up a ridiculous 75 + 200 pure profit earlier, but now its 75 + 30, and ive only played 4125 of the 12000 i need to play. gonna be a long night. oh well, might get through the whole of season two of alias. now im going to get a pizza though before i collapse with malnutrition. All this for 75 quid, im such a skank.

Least the softwares fast

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my friends fast on his way to losing his totesport bonus, im sure he will be here to tell you all about it soon :(

He's getting crazy stats, like, 47/30. Bit lame.

Here I am!

Last night I was ready to pour cold-water-warnings all over this burning topic. Having started with £200, I was down to £60 (i.e. £40 loss) and still had 2500 to play through. I went to bed knowing I'd just pissed a hundred quid up the wall. The next morning, though, I was determined to scramble back up to a hundred quid and try to break even. Yet I dropped even further. At my worst point, I was teetering somewhere on the twenty quid mark, facing the very real possibility (the absolutely certainty, I then thought) of losing every penny. But then I totally lucked out. Clawed back up to sixty or so. Made an insane £25 bet on what turned out to be a hand of 11, which the wizardofodds table told me to DOUBLE ("oh fuck"), which I did, then covered my eyes (literally)."PLAYER WINS." That won me a hundred quid. From then on, I managed to climb back to £200, and am now sitting easy at £220.

Anyone considering embarking on a blackjack easy-win crusade should realise it's a real possibility that you could lose your deposit. It's unlikely - I totally accept that. But if luck is against you at the very beginning, it's possible. Terrifyingly so.

Now, of course, I'm way glad I did it. Time to decide which bonus offer to sign up for next. ;)

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Wicked - just done the epic Sky Bet high roller bonus (deposit £500, play through 10x for a £250 bonus).

Finished almost £100 up without the bonus! Took ages, but was well worth it for £350. Just need to play through the bonus x1 once it gets credited.

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If you have £500 to deposit anyway then you don't need to be playing this! :ph34r:

I had to do a bit of money shuffling to avoid going way overdrawn! One downside of all this is that I now have money all over the place which needs to be put back where it belongs.

The great thing about Sky Bet is that you can just withdraw the money straight back into your account. None of this "we'll send you a cheque" or "wait 7 days" nonsense!

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