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Casino Bonus Bagging


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Yep, you're not wrong.

Anyway, I've been doing the bet365 bonus today on BJ - £100 deposited, £100 bonus. Play through 24x.

Had a quite astounding run of 'variance'/cheating or whatever you want to call it but basically I've not been deviating from the wizardofodds chart and I'm currently standing at £105.50 and I'm just under half way through the wager.

How the hell I can lose £95 odd quid I'll never know! Started off with £2 bets and then switched down to £1 when I reached £135, Wondering whether to top up or not as the way it's going it's looking like a loss is on the cards. :lol:

Any advice?

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Well it was bed365 that fucked me over in the posts above so maybe there is something fishy going on there as I was following the rules and was getting totally bent over by the luck of the dealers cards!

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Ah yeah, just seen your posts. Definitely sounds like something dodgy is happening there. Hmm, might just play through the remainder and see what happens. Got a feeling it's going to be something along the lines of getting royally shafted though.

There's 'variance' and then there's Bet365..

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Guest jcowling


Im new here and new to this, i read alot of of info about bonus bagging and blackjack in genral, mainly from fundmydegree.com, although the site seems to have gone down.

I was just about to open my first account on VCcasino.com but afer a quick glance through the terms and conditions of the £100 welcome bonus i noticed this:

11. Bets on any variation of Single Deck Black Jack, Baccarat and Craps will not contribute towards the bonus requirement.

COnfused me a little, can i still play multi-deck blackjack or other forms of blackjack. Anyone completed this bonus recently and can give me some tips?

How long should it take to wager £2500, and do they, and other casinos have their own wager trackers, or is it wise to track my own bets.


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You can play multi deck BJ on VC and it will count towards the wager requirement.

Have a look at www.blackholebonus.com and save the optimal strategy BJ chart under the VC link or go to www.wizardofodds.com and download it from there. As long as you don't deviate from that you shouldn't come unstuck. Be warned though, variance can be a bitch and can eat into your potential profit. There's also a chance you will lose at 1 in 5 of the casinos you play but overall you will still be in profit.

I played VC recently and ended up £30 up after I wagered the £2500. But I was actually at £85 profit when I hit the amount I needed but carried on playing..which was a mistake.

Try googling a wager tracker. There's plenty out there that you can use.

I started doing this last week and so far have won £30 from VC, £35 from bet365 and £65 from Littlewoods. Gonna try the Meccagames one that pompey88 recommended next as it's a nice low wager requirement.

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Its the one that's just called BJ IIRC

Or any of the ones that are not called single deck.

Thanks dreamy. So basically clicking on the blackjack logo on the front page I'm doing it right?

I've been playing this one http://www.vccasino.com/static/1/img/games/blackjack.jpg


Does VCbet have a tally so you know how much you've wagered? I'm using the BJ wagertracker but I'm sure I've missed a few wins every now and then.

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For anyone who used to be into this, there's new money to be made from casinos via cashback sites such as Quidco and Topcashback. Nowhere near the same bonuses (they max out at £50-£60) but the wagering requirements are far less. Any wagering allowed, including BJ.

These are the best I've two I've found which have successfully tracked (the links are referrals so I might get some more cashback if you use them!):

Quidco: William Hill Vegas

£50 cashback once you deposit and bet £10. Can be done in minutes, and seems to track the cashback reliably (within 24 hours)

Topcashback: Prestige Casino

£56 cashback once you deposit and bet £20. Again, very quick to do and tracking confirmed for me within 24 hours.

There are a few other £50 ones out there but the reviews on Topcashback.co.uk indicate that the cashback doesn't track reliably, with people having to chase and wait months. I did a couple of these last night without realising this (Ladbrokes - £60 cashback for £50 wagering, expires tomorrow; and Supercasino - £50 cashback for £20 wagering, again expires tomorrow) so we'll see what happens.

It's worth keeping an eye on the cashback sites to see when the £50+ offers come around for the various casinos. There are lots around the £20 mark, but I'm going to hold out for bigger promotions seeing as they can all only be done once.

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Takes be back. Paid for my first HDTV with the old bonus bagging malarkey. :)

[edit] Did the quidco one. Bet a tenner on blackjack, won a tenner, cashed out. Easy peasy.

Nice one. That's three people I know who just spunked it all on one bet and doubled their money!

It's good to know there are so many casinos out there wiling to throw money around to entice people in. I thought there might have been a payday for bonus baggers when mobile casino apps started appearing, but I never really looked into it.

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So. For a quidco noob, I've now signed up and located the offer. Do I just click the 'visit site and claim cashback' link, deposit £10, bet £10, cash out (if won), and the £50 appears in my quidco acct within 24 hours?

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So. For a quidco noob, I've now signed up and located the offer. Do I just click the 'visit site and claim cashback' link, deposit £10, bet £10, cash out (if won), and the £50 appears in my quidco acct within 24 hours?

That's exactly right. It's a bit on faith, but the William Hill one in particular seems very reliable.

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Casinos outside of the big players (Hills, Ladbrokes etc) are notoriously poor players to affiliate marketing (and depositing and just turning over the minimum and then withdrawing is a pretty sure fire way to get a claim rejected - remember the casino is paying a third party for introducing business to them - if that introduction seems fairly clearly just an attempt to get paid for the introduction with no intention of playing with them further and thus giving them a chance to make some money from the customer its not surprising they may be reluctant to pay up).

Also you don't get paid quidco cash striaght away - normally months before the casino pays quidco and thus you get paid.

Still worth doing on a risk vs reward ratio but sensible play is recommended - play a lot more than the minimum, the cost of playing a few hundred quid on BJ should be minimal given the edge (allowing for variance) and over several days before you cash out. In other words make an attempt to look like a genuine (mug) customer and not a bonus hunter after the affiliate cash.

Also for the likes of Ladbrokes and Hils - you can still join and get some decent free sports bets (and some quidco cash normally too) rather than just hitting the casino which should be more profitable. Also decline any 'joining bonus' if you want to have any hope of making a withdrawal given the onerous terms on most casino bonuses these days.

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Good tips. Ladbrokes just tracked for me, but I don't know whether that means payment is cerrtain. That's three out of four that I've done, with the Will Hill one already paid into my bank. I am leaving money in the casino account until it tracks just so I look like a genuine customer.

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