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Audrey Tautou

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It's about time to tell those who can tune in to tune in.

Consolevania's baby sister show will be called "videoGaiden" and goes out for the first time at five past 12 at night on BBC2 Scotland.

It's only ten minutes long each week, and has been made on the cheap - so don't expect luxury jaunts to Tokyo. Expect fat boys with merde costumes.

Each show will contain two reviews, some other stuff, and a bit of, how you say, fucking about.

If it does alright, videoGaiden could be looking at a proper half hour series next year, with a big fat budget - so if you can watch, please do. Everyone involved asks for your assistance in this.

The boys tell me it has been interesting putting it altogether, and they've learned a lot about what you can and can't do in a videogames show. Needless to say, with Consolevania, they get away with murder.

Also, there are some jokes in it that no-one in the BBC understands.

Au revoir!


Merci, Paulando...

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any chance of a download ?

The boys have promised me that they cannot capture or distribute the material, or they will be fired/forced to present Strictly Come Dancing.

However, people with the same names as the boys, but not related to them in any way, might just cap it and leak it on the net...

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Congratulations dudes. I think I knew you had something in the offing with the Beeb but thought you'd get a BBC3 graveyard slot. BBC2? Fantastic! 10 minutes of quality is better than an hour of the shite that normally passes as videogames TV. I'll give it some major pimpage.

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So will I probably, my fucking memory.

Well in that case, I'll remind you. If you remind me first. Anyway it is all rather exciting. I'm guessing the Hitler console modding stuff is a feature the Beeb are keen to carry over onto the television show. Sweet!

You know, a deep, dark part of me (which I normally keep well hidden) would really like to see a Consolevania parody / comedy re-enactment of every shit games-related TV show ever. I think it would be funny. But then, I don't run the BBC. Not yet anyway.

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