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Audrey Tautou

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very good indeed, in fact I was laughing out loud at a fair few bits. But for christ sake Rab talk slower, your glasgee accent sure made me listen hard.

I think if you can elucidate and pronounce a bit clearer mainstream success will be yours. I'm on about the Chutulu review here.

Other than that, it was FUCKING fantastic to see a show for us on the FUCKIN TELLY!

Dont want to sound too negative like. (Yes I am drunk) :D

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Awesome show as always. Pity it doesn't work in 10 minute slots though, it's really obvious in the way you're kind of speed-talking your way through the reviews.

Almost makes the language unrecognisable with the mixture of speed and accent!

Good work though, can't wait till the next one :D

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That was fantastic, nice one. It had everything. :)

John Gacey >_<;;;; \o/



Leon getting his head lopped off by mr chainsaw

HEH, Devco was pretty good too. :D Pretty ace for 10 minutes. Nice logo too. :D

Also, the Rez bit was funny

"Ah, you might say its just Panzer Dragoon...yes, but is it better? NO...thats why its good."

and :D at Legend and his Dad... ;(


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What sort of viewing figures are the beeb wanting you to get in order to give you a longer contract, or even extend the length of the shows? Or do they keep those things to themselves? Will you even get told what the viewing figures were?

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