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The Revoloution Cometh


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I am expecting flying cars because I cant believe that this hasn’t been posted already.

Its from Spong so pass the salt.

  Exclusive: Revolution to Launch Worldwide in June 2006

Global ship-dates emerge – countdown begins.

25th Oct 2005

Nintendo will ship the Revolution console in June of 2006, it was revealed to SPOnG overnight, with technology and manufacturing partners letting slip Nintendo’s plans for a shock global launch.

It was thought that Nintendo would keep with tradition and deliver a staggered home console launch, with the US following Japan, and Europe keeping up the rear, as it were. This will not be the case. Rising to the challenge set by Microsoft’s Xbox 360, all territories will see launch within a month. A global roll-out with Japan, the US and Europe seeing hardware in the same day is thought highly unlikely.

“As of early October this year, we had agreed with all key partners that a global ship date of June 2006 was achievable,” said one of SPOnG 's several sources associated with the Revolution manufacturing process. “Nintendo will get the launch in Japan and America and Europe as close as possible. It will be like the Xbox 360 launch, only tighter.”

“Everyone at Nintendo in all territories is now focusing on a global launch in June of next year,” another highly-placed source told us yesterday afternoon, under terms of anonymity. “The European launch might slip into July, but that’s it. Everyone at Nintendo has been briefed for this date and the official release schedule everyone is working to shows Revolution down for June 2006; this is simply a matter of fact.”

A mid-2006 release had been hinted at as early as May this year, when memory supplier MoSys inadvertantly revealed the launch window of the Nintendo's next generation system. However, this is the first time other sources have corroborated the faux pas.

In related news, pricing speculation for Revolution has quietened down, with the magic 200 number now seated firmly in the minds of analysts. Although SPOnG has been unable to clarify the Revolution launch price point with anything near the same accuracy as we have its launch date, a tag of $200 for the US, €300 in mainland Europe, and £200 in the UK is a near certainty.

We’ll update this piece with official comment from Nintendo as soon as we are able. Stay tuned.  


£200? Sold.

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comon guys keep up with the news:

'Talking about the Revolution in an interview with Nikkei Business, Iwata stated, "I can only say that it's coming out during 2006, but it will be after the current fiscal year. We hope to make it a simultaneous worldwide release as much as it's possible." '

So we are looking at anytime from April next year :lol:

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But if were talking about the technology involved etc, then I can see little to merit a price tag comparible to the 360. Integrated GC and flash memory, I suppose...

Tbh, I'm not going to validate Spong's claim regarding price by getting into a discussion on it, as they say it's all speculation: "Although SPOnG has been unable to clarify the Revolution launch price point with anything near the same accuracy as we have its launch date, a tag of..."

If spong qualify their news as potentially inaccurate, then it's really not worth discussing ;x

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Well Id say the $200=£200 launch price is bollocks for a start as the GC and the DS both managed to avoid this and were (after our tax was added) very close to the price Americans were paying rather than so a straight dollar to pound pricetag. If Nintendo did do that (which I seriously doubt) it would be a step backwards and something that would probably get negative press.

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This seems all very very likely to me. Theres little in the way of new Gamecube games after Twilight Princess (go look up their EU crimbo line-up), and GC development can be shifted over easily to the Revolution.

Nintendo in any case have my £200-odd already.

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