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Wonderful Life/ After Life


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sheesh- I already made it easy by giving you one from each decade- technically- going by Hirokazu Koreeda's film, it should just be one game in total.

I'm really just interested to see what people pick from the nineties for something I'm working on.

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Yes- well in the film the newly dead are given seven days in purgatory to choose one single memory from their lives to take with them into the afterlife proper- everything else will be discarded.

That memory is then reenacted on film for the person and, by doing so rekindles the emotions and feelings it originally drew up in the person.

I'm interested in the same idea applied to videogames- which one memory of or from a game would you pick above another- be it a scene from an RPG, when you were the first to bring a gameboy and tetris into school and the other kids clustered round you, the moment you got your first all perfect track on dancing Stage at the Trocadero in front of a crowd, when you completed Ico, the first time you loaded up your SNES and Super Mario World one Christmas etc etc.

In other, more succinct and clearer words- which is your fondest memory relating to videogames in each decade.

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