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Not a problem, Nosh. Don't feel like you have to dissect it, a thumbs up or down is good enough for me.

It's very trippy (well, the beginning at least), and in the right mindstate it's ace.

I found some of the singing on some tracks (track 4 for example') downright annoying, but track 5 is very cool. Liked the influences from India in it.

From there it went uphill, liked the electroclash soundings songs, and the indie songs were pretty cool too.

It's definetly not something I would listen too, but I like this very much in small doses. Again, especially track 5. :blink:

So yeah, good job.

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Comment's on Mr Do's CD he kindly sent me!

Track 1:

Weird atmospheric noises, re-verbed beat? Fair enough <_<

Track 2:

When I first heard this track I thought little of it. I just can’t seem to get into tracks with guitars as much as I used to anymore. It’s slowly growing on me but not my thing really sorry!

Track 3:

Hmm, not my sort of thing again, Just cant seem to get into it!

Track 4:

Now this is more like it, funkier beats, catchy crisp guitar spurts! I like it, not that I know who it is mind!

Track 5:

Now I have this track somewhere, but I cant for the life of me think of who it is! Love the track, very straight cut kicks, it has nice flow. I’m interested to see who this is.

Track 6:

I think of this as a kind of interlude track, nothing really catches my ear about it, sounds like it’s being played under water hehe.

Track 7:

I like this track quite a bit, it sounds like the artist could be on warp records possibly. I like the little guitar loops and the fazing synths in this one *thumbs up*.

Track 8:

A bit too light for me, the song seems to be dominated by the vocals, which I don’t like (I know I’m weird). Not a top scorer in my books – sorry!

Track 9:

This one sounds like the last one to a certain extent.. only 30 seconds long so who knows!

Track 10:

Oh now we’re talking! Club 8! Just recently got a few albums so this was a nice little surprise. Love this song, thumbs up!

Track 11:

Roxy Music, haha! I haven’t heard this for years! I mean come on how can you not like this song!

Track 12:

Bowie! haha this just gets better! Blue, blue, electric blue, That's the colour of my room! lol o/\o

Track 13:

Not sure who this one is, possibly Air? Nice but short.

Track 14:

A dreamy track, nice playful piano. The sort of thing I’d day dream to.

All in all a great CD, a few bits and bobs that wasn’t to my taste but hell you cant expect me to like every track can you :wub:

Thanks for sending me a CD out man, I hope yours isn’t too crazy die die die for you :P


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Because Bpempire's November/Christmas CD never turned up, I sent him an exclusive mix :lol:

Anyway here's the tracklisting:

01 Leila - Don't Fall Asleep - Track 04

02 New Order - Leave Me Alone

03 Siouxsie And The Banshees - Dear Prudence ...how can you not like this - it's a classic

04 Beck - Hell Yes

05 Boards of Canada - Peacock Tail

06 Broadcast - Microtronics 14

07 Boom Bip - The Move ...fantastic track!

08 Cocteau Twins - Three-Swept

09 Cocteau Twins - Fruitopia (1)

10 Club 8 - Spring Came, Rain Fell ...I love this so much - just wonderful

11 Roxy Music - Dance Away

12 David Bowie - Sound and Vision

13 Air - Clouds Up

14 Funki Porcini - Last Night Over Norway


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01. Hahaha! Best opening track to any compilation ever!, at least from all the CDs I've received from the club. It's only everyone's favourite musician from Animal Crossing, Mr KK Slider :P I actually can't stop playing this little ditty, such a great tune.

02,03,04,05 & 06. Nice (ravetastic) electronica, some featuring samples of videogames like Pac-Man. Track 05 reminds me Squarepusher a bit mixed with some typical Autechre edits. Track 03 is a mad one minute, and it's got a tune I recognize but can't pin-point. Yeah I like all these tracks.

07. Time for what sounds like a garage track, laced with samples galore and stop/start edits. It's ok, not the usual shit Iisten too. Track 08 is much better though, quite a powerful beat to it and some rapping. Plus it's none of that stop/start editing.

09. This tracks misleads you, with it's disco intro (Underwear music!). Then it's straight into some Drillcore! Laced again with lots of samples, and at one point there is a sexy rave tune desperate to escape. Alas that only lasts a second or two, and it's back to the mad drillcore. Again not really my shit, but the first 30 seconds are sweet ^_^

10. Starts off like track 08, but then turns into another mad drillcore tune. This time with added MC'ing, and some Scottish bagpipes (is that the national tune?). I don't really dig this, to be honest.

11. More drillcore, with a sexy girl being sampled over the top. Again I like the start, just not the rest of the tune.

12. The neighbours are going to love me, with some more drillcore! This one is f**king mad, and I just don't like it :( Sorry bpempire, .........interesting ending though.

13. We end with some more headaches inducing drillcore!! Or Gabba? There are moments in this, which I like. Either a sexy bit with some sound effects, or the samples. I'm sure if I was off my head, on an E, I would dance like a total prick and enjoy every second. A great ending though, oh yes!

"You're not afraid are you?". Superb.

So not a great cd, but not a shit one either. Of all those mad tunes from track 9 onwards, I like track 13 the most. The opening to track 09 is just brilliant (if a little bit too gay disco), as is KK Slider ace and tracks 2-6 :D

Cheers bpempire, unofficially like.

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haha Mr Do! Come to the dark side! ^_^

01 Sibling - Animal 'a' Crossin

02 paza - hjihjihji

03 Scotch Egg - scotch land

04 Bit Shifter - Particle Charge

05 Acrnym - The Difference Between You And Me Is That I'm Not A Fucking Prick (with Grnr).mp3

06 Mully - Fee Fi Fo Fum

07 DJ Psylage - Murderous Stile

08 Knifehandchop - Tizzy Tixbown Riddim

09 Shitmat - Dave Harris And Rod Stuart Share Underwear

10 Shitmat - Shopliftin' Gabba

11 Venetian Snares - winnipeg is a frozen shithole

12 DJ Floorclearer - There's A Wocket In My Pocket

13 Oen flux - Decimal Point (Get Up)

Thanks for your thoughts though!

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Murdock, being the nice chap that he is, kindly sent me a copy of his Nov/Dec mix cd for my listening pleasure and I promised him some feedback. I've listened to it a few times now and so here it is:

1. Dave Seaman pres. Group Therapy - My Own Worst Enemy (Chris Walsh & Jeremy Coutre Remix)

Wasn't that keen on this track, a bit generic. The vocal wasn't to my liking (I'm sure she was actually whispering "I'm a one horse enemy" in the latter half). So yeah, average start.

2. BCML - Mr. Horowitz (Way Out West Remix)

Although I liked the wailing guitars, I found the backing to be a little dull and the whole track seemed to drag once the breakdown hit.

3. Infusion - Love and Imitation

Track three was an improvement, I liked the euphoricness of it. It sounds 'big'. I know I made a random comment like this last time and you didn't really see it the same way but I found myself humming the guitar line from 'Santos - Sabot' over the melody. I had to mention it cos I just spent about 10 minutes going through cd's trying to match the melody to a name!

4. Killahurtz - Kiss For The Dying (Hybrid Matrix Dub)

This was a goodun, anything with a cheeky acid line in it floats my boat. Nice fat bass, nice and chunky and also hypnotic. However, I wasn't so keen on the mix into.....

5. Mortar & Pestle - ItsAChickThing (Luke Chable Remix)

It seemed to drop into the intro breaks from this track way too early. Just a little niggle I have about hearing too much of a tracks 'beat' intro. This track on the whole didn't really do anything for me either.

6. Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Hybrid Bootleg)

Now this, I have discovered, is only any good when played at a particularly high volume. The first time through, I didn't appreciate it. But when you sent me through the unmixed mp3 (many thanks for that) I think I played it 5 times in a row. Awesome remix of an awesome tune!

7. Luke Chable Vs. The Dirty Fours - Tokyo (Chable's Yellow Mix)

Another hypnotic groove, starts of quite fluffy and mellow but builds up adding more and more layers. Then it breaks down to plinks and plonks before coming back in with a nastier sounding bassline. Good stuff.

8. Terry Grant feat. Jennifer Horne - I'll Kill You (Luke Chable Remix)

Really nice mix into this one, were you playing about with filters/volumes or did the tracks have that wah wah effect originally? Didn't like this track though, again cos of the vocal mainly. The whole sound was a bit too similar to the old vocal trance stuff I used to like but have long since moved on from.

9. Subsky - Single Gun (Subsky's Solid Mix)

Another nice mix into this one and back to breaks again. Quite trancey again, but good this time ;)

10. Paul Hughes - Lost

I like this one too, a dreamy little number. Sounds kinda old? Thought there was some key clashing (most noticable from 4:46-5:05) on the mix into.......

11. Bent - As You Fall (Micah's Swollen Booty Mix)

Now what was all the fuss about this one for? Tune of the year!? Just sounds like another average vocal effort, did nothing for me I'm afraid.

Cheers for sending it, always good to hear your stuff.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Track 1 - You really didn't want to like this one, did you? No she really wasn't singing that. :)

Track 4 - I really wanted to include Hybrid's Echoplex mix instead cos it's much the same as this version except with vocals, except I haven't picked up the Echoplex mix yet.

Track 8 - The whoosh effects are on the track intro, yeah they sound pretty good playing over Tokyo. I didn't like this track at first, but it's got excellent, aggressive beats and I got to like the vocals over time.

Track 11 - The (unreleased) swollen floor mix of this track is my favourite track of 2005, but yeah, I love this version also. It does clash sightly with the previous track I guess, but it's got an irregular beat just before the vocals start that happened to mix well with track 10.

If you think it's average though, :D I dunno, you must be suffering from melodic overkill or something. ;) It's got gorgeous vocals, a really well-judged beat, nice piano and strings sections, superb effects and it's one of the most melodic tracks I've ever heard.

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I never said I didn't like track 1, just that it was average. I think you made the right choice of mixes for track 4, for my ears at least. I don't seem to like your vocal selections! I just gave the Bent remix another listen, just to make sure - I was right :D I dunno, I can't really explain why but it just sounds familiar and unadventurous. Nevermind, you enjoy it ;)

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Some stupidly late feedback for Graphico Tabletti, finally etc. etc.

01. Not bad. Reminds me of Rob Dougan and is very filmic and orchestral. Nice pleasant start.

02. Did nothing for me. Long, drawn out, boring.

03. Better than the last but not by much.

04. Pretty good. This felt almost too short compared with the other tracks. The vocals annoyed slightly but could appreciate the disjointed nature of them. Has a memorable melody which stayed with me through the next few tracks.

05. Worst track on it I thought. Skipped often.

06. A better beat but too much of a build-up before the really really annoying vocals kicked in. I don't think Ill ever like this stuff. :D

07. Nice backing tracks - I quite dig the mini band sound made with musical boxes. Vocals again, really annoying.

08. The best of the dancey tracks on here. Theres a point to this. An urgency although its quite the "mood" piece aswell. Not bad.

09. Oasis-a-like-vocals. No.

10. Pretty listenable but boring.

11. Again, pretty listenable. Its not going to get my overly excited but it makes nice background musak. Possibly Kosheen or Bjork.

12. Amazing. I wasn't expecting to find something I truly loved on your CD but I found it. Catchy, very naturally flowing and has that certain *something* about it. 80's vibe without sounding dated.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I know its not Roy Ayers despite what I think the song title is... so who is it. Please? :(

13. Again, listenable background stuff.

14. Short track of nothing. Nice enough end :(

A mixed bag as I expected although track 12 came out of nowhere. Cheers dude.

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12. Amazing. I wasn't expecting to find something I truly loved on your CD but I found it. Catchy, very naturally flowing and has that certain *something* about it. 80's vibe without sounding dated.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

A mixed bag as I expected although track 12 came out of nowhere. Cheers dude.

Unfortunately, I don't have the track list for that CD any longer as I've bought a new PC since I sent it. Are there any lyrics in the track? If so, I could probably ID it easily enough.

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Tracklist for bpempire who finally got NOVEMBER's CD :lol:

1. Cassetteboy - What We're Enjoying (0:15)
2. The Make-Up - Pow! To the People (3:03)
3. You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap (Between The Rich And Poor) (3:02)
4. Shit disco - Disco Blood (4:28)
5. The Wedding Present - All About Eve (2:12)
6. The Maccabees - Lego (3:17)
7. Polytechnic - Pep (2:44)
8. Islands - Abominable Snow(3:49)
9. Broken Social Scene - Fire Eye'd Boy (3:58)
10. Link Wray & His Ray Man - Jack The Ripper (2:24)
11. Cuban Boys - The Nation Needs You (3:14)
12. Amerie - One Thing (Instrumental) (3:40)
13. Four Tet - Sun Drums and Soil (Part 2) (5:31)
14. Jegsy Dodd and the Original Sinners - Grumpy Old Men (5:19)
15. Jens Lekman - Run Away With Me (2:58)

Wedding Present was a nod to Georgey Best.

Link Wray was a nod to Link Wray.

Cuban Boys was a nod to John Peel.

Jens Lekman was a nod to Christmas.

An unintentionally nod worthy CD!

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1. Cassetteboy - What We're Enjoying

Oh Cassetteboy for an intro.. great minds think alike :unsure:

2. The Make-Up - Pow! To the People

I don’t know WHY I like this track but I know I DO like it! Good stuff, makes a change. FIZZ, BANG, POW!

3. You Say Party! We Say Die! - The Gap (Between The Rich And Poor)

Quite rough shouty rock kinda stuff, bleh. It’s ok, but wouldn’t get my vote in a what’s hot and what’s not contest!

4. Shit disco - Disco Blood

A bit shifty but I like it for some unknown reason.. makes me want to shake my hips and drink lots of vodka haha.

5. The Wedding Present - All About Eve

Nope, cant say I liked this one!

6. The Maccabees - Lego

I liked this one, not usually a fan of this kind of music but it just sounds so good! I’ll be seeking out more of these guys!

7. Polytechnic - Pep

Hmm, a nice track, not too keen on the whiney vocals though.

8. Islands - Abominable Snow

Another one I’m not entirely keen on. Quite tight sounding guitars and stuff but not my bag baby!

9. Broken Social Scene - Fire Eye'd Boy

I don’t mind this one, the vocals are less annoying too!

10. Link Wray & His Ray Man - Jack The Ripper

What a weird track, it sounds like it’s been recorded on an old skool tape deck lol. It’s an ok track, if a little repetitive!

11. Cuban Boys - The Nation Needs You


I nearly spat my cup of tea out at this one, I just didn’t expect it to be on this CD at all, what a beauty! If any track were to make or break this CD, well this would be the one!

12. Amerie - One Thing (Instrumental)

When they made this track I’m sure they got one 10 second loop and repeated it for 3 minutes!

13. Four Tet - Sun Drums and Soil (Part 2)

A lovely jubly track, I absolutely love Four Tet so thumbs up for this one man!

14. Jegsy Dodd and the Original Sinners - Grumpy Old Men

Sorry, but wtf!

15. Jens Lekman - Run Away With Me

Christmassy, but I got it after Christmas! Doh! But still a rather nice song *thumbs up*

Well, a nice mixed bag from Niall for November! I’ve posed it in the November Thread to save confusion!


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I always have to put a smattering of skinny indie on my mixes, considering it's my main fortay, sorries! I usually lean away from it or into it at some point but it would be hard for me to make a CD I felt was a balance of my tastes if there weren't a few new indie tracks on it. 4/6/7 are all albumless new bands.

Yeah- I put the Amerie intrumental on because it's a bit, well, stupid. But it mixed so well with Four Tet!

I can't believe you didn't like Jegsy Dodd. I might put that track on every mixtape ever. Similarly to starting with Cassetteboy.

Hope you liked the photo too!

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