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November Cd Mix Club


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Here's your tracklist, plus a few comments.  Let me know what you thought when you've had a good listen.

01. Bubblegum - Silversun (Disappear Here, 2005)

- I was so happy when they released this album.  It's not quite as great as their older stuff, but it's still brilliant to have them/him back.

02. Both Sides Now - Jason Falkner (Everyone Says It's On - Disc Them, 2003)

- This is a cover of an old Joni Mitchell song.  I really wanted to put some original Falkner stuff on here, but couldn't decide what to use.  So I stuck this on instead.

03. Brave Captain - fIREHOSE (Ragin' Full-On, 1990)

- A little bit of old-school.

04. Liz Phair - Weston (The Massed Albert Sounds, 2001)

- This was actually used on the soundtrack to a really old PS1 skateboarding game (in the times before Tony Hawk), but I forget what it was called.

05. The Day Brings - Brad (Interiors, 1997)

06. Cold Hands (Warm Heart) - Brendan Benson (The Alternative To Love, 2005)

07. 14th Street - Rufus Wainwright (Want One, 2004)

- Again, so hard to choose which Rufus track to put on here, I gave in to temptation and put two on instead.

08. Waiting For The Sun (Live) - The Jayhawks (More Rain, 2003)

- I love this song.  The original's from an album called Hollywood Town Hall, but this live acoustic version is absolutely superb.  More Rain came as an extra CD with the Rainy Day Music album.

09. One Less Heartache - Jason Ringenberg & The Wildhearts (All Over Creation, 2002)

- A collaboration between country hero Jason Ringenberg and British rock gods The Wildhearts.  Who could ask for more?  It's from a great album full of Ringenberg collaborations with people like Steve Earle, Tommy Womack and Lambchop.

10. Girls Are Better Than Boys - Silver Ginger 5 (Black Leather Mojo, 2000)

- More Wildhearts related goodness here, with a classic track from Ginger's other band's debut album.

11. Alive & Amplified - The Mooney Suzuki (Alive & Amplified, 2004)

12. Freakshadow - Scarce (Deadsexy, 1995)

13. All Kinds of Time - Fountains of Wayne (Welcome Interstate Managers, 2004)

14. Chinatown - Jets To Brazil (Orange Rhyming Dictionary, 1998)

- Orange Rhyming Dictionary is definitely one of my favourite albums of all time, but again it's a really hard one to pick an individual track from.  The album hangs together so well as a whole, it just seems wrong to tear it apart.

15. Poses - Rufus Wainwright (Poses, 2001)

- This is such a great song.  "There's never been such grave a matter, as comparing our new brand name black sunglasses".  Brilliant stuff.

16. Falling - Ben Kweller (Sha Sha, 2002)

- The perfect way to end any CD.

Thanks mate :lol: Just trying to stop myself from taking a peek at the track listings before I get a real good listen! 2,4,7,and 16 are all good tracks from what I've heard so far. Nothing on there I've got/heard before, which is nice too. Only had a few skim listens so far, so cant really make any firm comments just yet :(

Going to get my CD in the post on Tuesday. Just wrecked my last blank CD so I've got to get out to the shops over the weekend and get a few discs.

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Okay acidbearboy, here is your feedback:


Overall, some good stuff, no particular theme but the spookiness of the mystery sender combined with the fact that it contained references to two of my favourite games and had a song I loved but had lost (plus that vocal I recognise) maintained an elation throughout.


Right, well lets deal with part 1 first. It is indeed the full album that I posted the cover of, Secret of Mana+. I downloaded about half of it yonks ago when broadband was just a dream and never managed to find the rest. Found it on the lovely Galbadia Hotel site the other week and listened to it twice in a row, brilliant. Thought about sending it off as the first of my mix club cd’s as I really had no idea what was going to be on the proper cd at that point. A quick search revealed that SoM was one of your favourite games, which was a bonus rather than some big scheme I had planned. Glad you liked it.

As for the ‘proper’ cd, I was going to delay it a little but you were being so persistant. It’s not one of my best I must admit, just a bunch of random tracks that I’d enjoyed lately. It was very hard to narrow down the tracks I had selected to fit them all on 1 disc. There were so many good long tracks this month.

Tracklisting for part 2:

1. Innerzone Orchestra - Manufactured Memories

2. Rez OST - Creation the State of Art [full option]

3. Jan Jelinek - Sessie Vuile Toon (3voor12)

4. Plastikman - Kink

5. The Orb - Blue Room (7" edit)

6. Madvillain feat. Quas - America's Most Blunted (acid edit)

7. Eels - Susan's House

8. David Holmes - Don't Die Just Yet (don't chant just yet) played at +8

9. The Theme of PSO Episode III - Let the Winds Blow (choir version)

10. The Killers - Mr.Brightside

11. Mojave 3 - Bluebird of Happiness (ulrich schnauss remix)

Recognise some names now?

The Rez track is indeed from the ‘green’ area 3. Another OST I grabbed at the Galbadia hotel. Contrary to popular opinion, I prefer the official soundtrack to the game rip. Neither is perfect though.

As you can see, track 3 is not the KLF. Jan Jelinek made one of my favourite albums I bought this year (released in 2001 though). It’s a very glitchy, jazzy and warm sound. This was something that popped up on Soulseek, no idea if it is one of his tracks or part of a mix. I liked the last bit especially too.

I heard one minute of Kink on the Breezeblock and loved it. I can listen to it on repeat for ages. As you say it’s not music as such, just rhythmic patterns.

The music from PSO kept popping up on random on my mp3 player. Never really got into playing Episode 3 but I love this theme music, very powerful.

Funny you should mention the Jacques Lu Cont mix of Mr.Brightside as both an 8 and 13 minute version were on the shortlist. I heard it for the first time at the end of one of timdp’s mixes and loved it. But it really just reminded me how great the original was too.

The last track is beautiful isn’t it. The Ulrich Schnauss mix slightly improving on the original IMO.

Glad you liked it……..

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Tracklisting for part 2:

1. Innerzone Orchestra - Manufactured Memories

2. Rez OST - Creation the State of Art [full option]

3. Jan Jelinek - Sessie Vuile Toon (3voor12)

4. Plastikman - Kink

5. The Orb - Blue Room (7" edit)

6. Madvillain feat. Quas - America's Most Blunted (acid edit)

7. Eels - Susan's House

8. David Holmes - Don't Die Just Yet (don't chant just yet) played at +8

9. The Theme of PSO Episode III - Let the Winds Blow (choir version)

10. The Killers - Mr.Brightside

11. Mojave 3 - Bluebird of Happiness (ulrich schnauss remix)

Ahhh... I know the vocal on The Orb track from the Blue Room album (as in the Radio 1 show). Would never have guessed the David Holmes track... I never have properly listened to his pre-'Bow Down to the Exit Sign' stuff, except 'Gone' and maybe 'Gritty Shaker'. And the Mojave 3 track is an Ulrich Schnauss mix? Brilliant... I fucking love Ulrich, and if you don't lke him there's something wrong with you.... :)

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I got mine yesterday! Silly flatmate.

Only given it a spin, as I've still to sink my teeth into Holly's from last month AND I've just about finished my CD for this month. Apologies but I'm suprised I managed to get it done by now.

That'll be mine.

Ill be posting the sending order list in the next few days guys just to see whats going on. Also should try and get the tracklisting for Hairy Jesus' recipient (Harmunt? A Mod?).

Feedback shortly for you GT: Don't expect too much though, but it feels more palatable than last time.

Also, thanks to everyone and have a great christmas (and play mario kart online with me please :P).

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I also recieved a copy of Mr.Do's cd. Here are my thoughts:

01. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon

Quality old school fat bass and breakbeats. :D When did this come out?

02. The Undertones - Teenage Kicks

Sorry, but God I hate this song………

03. The Fall - Midnight Aspen

Meh, pretty average guitary stuff.

04. The White Stripes - The Hardest Button To Button

Not bad I guess, too familiar though.

05. Hefner - When The Angels Play Their Drum Machines [Mothership Mix]

Bouncey electronic stuff. Not too keen on the vocal. Average.

06. Ko-Wreck Technique - Metro Dade (Plaid Mix)

Some mellow breakbeats and warm pads. Nicer than the other stuff but not special. Drags on a bit.

07. Smart Systems - The Tingler (Stateside Swamp Mix)

That’s better, some more noisey breakbeats. Funky noise though ;)

08. Augustus Pablo - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown

I do like a bit of dub on occasions and this was a fairly good effort.

09. Joy Division - The Drawback

More dull guitar music.

10. Nouvelle Vague – Marian

Some laid back bossa-nova style shuffling action. Not bad

11. Boc Scadot - Yleptic

Melodic beats and bleeps. Quite Yimino sounding I thought. Pretty average

12. John Callaghan - Give Me Some Air

A rather sad little song, quite nice actually.

13. Rothko – Red Cell

Some nice ambient guitar work. I quite enjoyed this actually.

14. Global Communication – 9.25

The beats were nice and the melodies soothing. One of the better tracks on the cd.

15. Yimino - Sausage Man

One I know, although I’m still to listen to their album :) They are losing their appeal a little I must admit.

16. AFX - Laughable Butane Bob

Hyper music. I prefer his more ambient work or the 120bpm acid house stuff.

17. Boards Of Canada - Sherbert Head

Ambient stuff, meh.

Overall, a lot of stuff that really washed over me. The Undertones aside, there was nothing awful, but the was very little that was special enough to warrant another listen. Sorry, I sound so negative today :(

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no cd from me either :rolleyes:

S8N, did u get the cd from me ok?

Your CD arrived this morning. I didn't enjoy it tbh BUT there is a story here and you maybe saved someone's life with it. So none of that matters. I will relisten before giving value added thoughts.

My November CD was posted about 10 minutes ago, we're a bit snowed in atm so I dunno when it will arrive.

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I'm looking forward to hearing you slate my taste in music. :P

Aww. Don't say it like that. Theres actually some interesting stuff on there. Just the vocals do tend to spoil a few of the tracks for me. I just need to listen to the second half tonight so Ill have some nice/horrible feedback then :P

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