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Four Tet


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Can't wait - in my campaign to get out of this lonesome flat more, I'm going to see these guys tonight in Wrexham Central Station. It's the first time I've seen or heard of them, though from the samples on the Discography section, I love what I'm hearing from them.

Review tomorrow then.  :P

Four Tet is one fella, Kieron Hebdon, former member of Post Rock band Fridge.

As Four Tet his stuff varies from pretty, mildly interesting sample-based electronica, to brilliant drum loop and piano based dance songs. He tends to be classed as folk-tronica though. Rounds is one of favourite records in recent years, and a Four Tet remix is normally enough to make me buy a remix album/single. Never had the pleasure to see him live, but if Explosions in the Sky are supporting still, it'll be un-frigging-believable.

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To echo what's been said here - I saw him DJ a few months back and to be honest it was a bit dull. Also, I got his recent album upon release but have only listened to it once or twice, it really didn't click with me, gonna give it a listen again when I go home though I think.

Anyone have that new DVD version I've seen being reviewed?

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I quite enjoyed Four Tet live.  Just don't stand around watching him while he stares at his computer.  Instead, dance your ass off and you'll enjoy it.

It's hard to dance when he fucks about for a minute making daft noises and trying to emulate wolf eyes.

I'll admit he manages to pull a few great bits out of each track when everythign comes together but before and after those short sections all you can do is stand and stare and wonder what he think's he is achiving.

he had an ace spore print tshirt though

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Got back from it, great stuff. I can see what is meant by the "messing about with noises" bits inbetween all the truly limb-jerking drum loops. Didn't realise he was one guy though - one of the guys I went to the gig with was in awe of Four Tet's signature and grabbed himself a nifty t-shirt too. Explosions In The Sky sounded a lot like Sigur Ros, and when we got there, they were in the middle of a 20 minute epic.

Being there was strange because I kept thinking of the Nathan Barley Preacherman thing where there's people around who weren't doing anything or reacting to anything at all. I reacted when I could feel electronically created bass shudder my old booones.

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