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I think they will wait until e3 to actually release Street Fighter it would be a good move if they release it with a few other classics.

Microsoft have confirmed that UNO and Cloning Clyde will be released for the XBL Arcade during E3, but they haven't said anything about Street Fighter. But you're probably right, I guess it'll be available together with those two.
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1- Give me the option to boot straight to the dashboard when the 360 is started with a game in the drive

2- I'm not really bothered about playing games while something is downloading, but at least tell me the speed it's downloading and the length of time it'll take to finish

3- Let me set the 360 to turn off automatically when a download has finished

4- Let me charge my wireless pads without the fan grinding

5- Let me stream MP4s from my PC

1. - well they could implement a dash update so that if you hold down the select button on startup it does this?

2. Good idea

3. Nice for those long downloads over night

4. My fan doesn't go when charging my pad...didn't know it did this.

5. The list should be bigger than that - divx should be top of the list. Take the codecs from the PC its streaming from.

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A Test Drive Unlimited demo has been confirmed for next week. Sounds pretty comprehensive too.


Thanks to Microsoft’s generous E3 coverage on Xbox Live, we can expect to see a Test Drive Unlimited demo available between May 8th - 14th. This news has now been confirmed by Atari in their most recent press release. Here are a few details on the demo and another announcement by Atari relating to TDU.

The demo grants players an exclusive chance to get behind the wheel of Test Drive Unlimited and sample some of its online and offline challenges along 40 miles of Oahu’s beautiful open roads. To add a bit of spice, players will be able to replay all of the challenges as many times as they wish in order to shave valuable seconds off their time-challenge records, or set about thrashing either human or AI competition in the races before heading to www.testdriveunlimited.com to view their global ranking.

As a way of letting players find out for themselves what a Massively Open Online Racing game is, the Test Drive Unlimited demo will allow players to set up as many instant challenges as they wish. Players driving along the road can challenge other players to a one-on-one race, define their own start and end points for the race, and power through the lush Hawaiian scenery at break-neck speeds.

With a choice between the Ford Shelby GT500, Lotus Exige and Lamborghini Gallardo, a luxury-laden Lamborghini dealership to visit, and a beautiful house for each player who logs in, the demo offers players a mouth-watering taste of Eden Games’ forthcoming automotive masterpiece.

Previously, we had known Atari’s Test Drive Unlimited would make it’s way to the Xbox 360 as a console exclusive, however just today they made an announcement saying they will be bringing their upcoming online racer to both the Playstation 2 and PSP.

Currently in development by Atari’s Melbourne House studio, the versions of Test Drive Unlimited for PS2® and PSP™ retain most of the core gameplay features of the Xbox 360 and PC games, including seemingly endless miles of streaming Hawaiian roads, server-based online play, over 70 luxury supercars rendered in painstaking detail, solo challenges, player-created races, car upgrades and downloadable content. The version for PSP is one of the first ever genuinely online games for the console, making impressive use of Wireless and stepping way beyond simple LAN gaming. In addition, enhancements have been made to the single player game with an Arcade Race mode for snack-sized play.

As you can see, PS2 and PSP versions are being developed by the Transformers guys.

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There was that Zanzibar test demo released to a select few people several months before Halo 2's release... I'd be more than happy with a trailer but I'm still hoping they might treat us to an online demo. Not likely though, I know.

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Thats if they show a trailer.

I'm predicting a very early teaser trailer for the movie, oh and Bungie's "We are making Halo 3 for the 360"announcement.

As well as a Halo "remix" for the 360, a kind of Halo 2.5, if you will, with multiplayer from both original games thrown in :blink:

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Bollox. If they did a multiplayer remix jobby and priced it correctly, I'd wager it would end up the best selling 360 game so far.

Or they could just sell copies of Halo and Halo 2 to 360 owners who don't own an Xbox and don't already own the games (which I suspect is a very very small percentage); make Halo 3 and immediately sell more Xbox 360s...

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Bollox. If they did a multiplayer remix jobby and priced it correctly, I'd wager it would end up the best selling 360 game so far.

When they expect to sell Halo 3 when the PS3 launches, they don't want a remix taking away sales from it - they even explicitly mentioned this with regards to an 'upgraded' Halo 2, they simply wouldn't do it when they need to focus their attention on getting Halo 3 out there.

I'm sure if they priced it "correctly" it'd sell stupidly well, but it's not viable.

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E3 on Marketplace is go. If there's this amount of trailers each day then it's awesome.

What a way to bring E3 to those who aren't internet geeks.

Trailers for


Bullet Witch

Battle For Middle Earth 2

BiA - Hell's Highway


Dancing Stage Universe

John Woo Presents Stranglehold

Dead Rising

Balltestations: Midway

NCAA College Hopes 2K7

NCAA 07 Football

and of course the Test Drive demo.

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So far the trend seems to be brilliant CG followed by poor graphics. Rain looked amazing until Sam Fisher turned up in sub Pandora's Tomorrow graphics filled vampire action and then the name Artoon came up killing all the love.

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