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Nice One Fargalex


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For those who are interested these are the four images in there (all found on this forum):





and this is the text:

FargalEx is the pseudonym of Sam Miller, an 18-year-old design student with the ambition of making it as an animator. There's a heavy fantasy element to Sam's work, much of which he readily admits revolves around his own humour filled universe. James 'Couk' Downing, Pete Fowler, and Japanese artists such as RakGadjet are cited as his biggest influences, along with the game art of Jet Set Radio and Katamari Damacy.

There's also a bit of text Fargal wrote about each image, but I can't be bothered typing that in here.

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Well done mate, always thought you're work was great. Couldn't do me a nice 1600 x 1200 version of the rainbow man for me desktop could ya?

Or you could do a 1680 x 1050 for my brand spanking new laptop I ordered today! To celebrate your exposure or something. Pretty please!

Edit: Actually, "Rainy Vs"!

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I really can't see what I could produce a tutorial on. I'm sure there's been loads of illustrator and character design tutorials already.

Seriously, do a search and you'll find illustrator tutorials are lacking, especially ones aimed at one armed monkeys who have no eyes like me.

So go, go now, write a great tutorial we can all learn from!

And well done on getting in the mag again!

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Aren't you getting paid then? They should send you magazines free.

No, it's the exposure section so my "pay" will be getting featured in the magazine, for expsoure.

HOWEVER. This morning I've visited several newsagents in search for the latest issue with no luck. All I've been able to find is the December edition, which I picked up almost a month ago.

What issue have I been featured in?

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