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That analogy sucks <_< I only objected to the insults being thrown at the guild I am *a part of*, which is where the analogy falls down.. husband beating his wife is just one man.

I haven't seen anyone *insulting* your guild. People have said that kicking somone at 5am \ on a public board with no explanation is harsh. Whatever the reasons for the kick, justified or not, it is harsh.

If somone is no longer welcome in a guild for whatever reason the best thing to do is to explain to them the reasons and ask them to leave asap. If they cause a fuss or whatever then you have to kick them. That's just my opinion of course but it seems like common courtesy to me, especially if somone has a long history with the guild.

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I have a huge amount of respect for Pinkmoon/Gramme for simply not getting involved.

There's not really a lot I can usefully add (or not without running the risk of upsetting somebody somewhere, at least), so I figured I'd just keep out of it.

Moving on? Yes please.

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That's something a lot of people (not here) don't seem to see, all my Draenor friends were like 'are you serious?' about joining Chim

What about those of us who were pointing, laughing, and pushing you out the door?

Or do we not count as friends now? ;)

j/k ofc <_<

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I think you should get 10% more honour and XP for killing Dorfs tbh - and 20g for every duel victory - 'anti-racials' if you like <_<

I would set mine to gnomes. You could say that their small size compresses the honour, so every point you get is worth so much more...

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It wasn't a lightning-bolt from the sky - tho I'm fairly sure he's convinced himself that's EXACTLY what it was by now - hey ho, nothing changes

Nononono. I was annoyed the way it happened more than anything, as I've already explained.

Anyway, at least my pocket money is going back up now I'm no longer doing Nax <_<

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There's better mega drama on Draenor right now anyways. More officers abruptly leaving Adept for other guilds and such :>

Good luck to Misszhong kk.

I'd fucking quit Adept too, if there was any chance whatsoever of being in the raid at the same time that Khaz realises that pallies will STILL be healing in TBC raids.


Just joking, of course.

Bad news for you guys. What prompted this? Going to other raid guilds? Starting afresh? Quitting the game?

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See now, I'm trying, but Motty here won't rise to the bait.

Ulala, I make it #5001 <_<

The original post doesn't count, only the replies. Because I damn well say so.

Now shut up all of you and go get me more ore and gems for my soon-to-be-awesome jewellery business. I'm going to be the Tiffany & Co to everyone else's Elizabeth Duke.

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