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The Random WoW Thread


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No Khaz - that's a crap/soppy/cinema ending :blink::(

Using a PROPER torrent is a better idea - because the Blizz one disconnects the moment you have the whole file - which means no seeds!!!!

They really have NO idea how BT works :(

Their client also screws up my framerate - and uTorrent doesn't so... :(

Only thing I wonder is - if they change the file (as they have done already) - will using a Torrent screw this up!?

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The annoying thing about "The Butterfly Effect" movie was that it had NOTHING to do with The Butterfly Effect (which illustrates complexity theory) - it was simply a time-travel/causality film - so LOADS of people are now even more confused than they would otherwise be :blink:

Also - and this cracks-me-up everytime - anyone who rented the VHS got a diff. ending to people who rented/bought the DVD - the CRAP cinema ending and not the rather more 'down' Directors Ending...

Definitely definitely...

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Where can i find the Blizzard Downloader for that WoW patch?

Please can you link.

Hey guildie :blink:

It's in your WoW folder on your hard drive. If you installed using the default path I guess it would look something like: "C:\Program Files\Blizzard\World of Warcraft\"

The file is called Blizzard Downloader.exe or something like that. Can't miss it.

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............. aaand that's level 60 No 4 :)

Zarquon - Warlock - after a short but intense campaign of PvP, handed in a token to get Honoured with AB (friendly with WSG and AB) and Level 60 all-in-one easy ding :)

Packing a bagfull of expensive shit, he's now setting out for the Burning Steppe to start his grind to the Dreadsteed :) :)

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DC, siphon life and drain life ftw!

I'm always top 20 in the healers because of it, if you spam I guess you could catch a lazy healer out.

We once had a druid triallist that came beneath some of the bandaging rogues on the healing meters.

He didn't get in.

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You two muppets are so 2001.

Where's Piro today? He better not be bunking off school hurridly watching the fucking Butterfly Effect or something.

I would download that right now, but i fear it will make my blizzard downloader even more slow if that's even possible.

Also im on study leave :)

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Khaz just created more Adept drama! News to come :D

I did? :)

Or do you mean me joining a bwl run? Found it odd that Azeem jokingly asks if I ever get the epic BoE druid belt (the one that Cowfields got in Swiped oh so long ago) could he have it, then it drops in bwl *after* I join the raid! :)

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