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The Random WoW Thread


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Something along them lines yeah :P

P.s. Fuck You.

Honestly just level up the axe its better than the polearm!

If you really want it then enjoy the fun/hell of running HoR

Also don't no if you raid but both 10 man and 25 man version of ICC drop a lovely two hand sword or axe respectively.

It comes of the first boss so pretty much any and every PUG gets him down


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They are pretty nice indeed. I haven't done a raid since the last time with Muk in Naxx I think it was.

I've lagged behind after been out for so long though (never was up to date, but respectable :P) so I just stick with the 5 mans.

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Just a heads up:

Important - Adobe Flash Player Vulnerability

Quote from: Lucytr (Source)

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader/Acrobat 9.x, and could potentially be used to target World of Warcraft players and accounts. The newest available version of Adobe Flash 10.1, Release Candidate 7 (available at http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/), does not appear to contain this vulnerability, and we recommend that everyone upgrade their Flash player as soon as possible. Earlier versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat, specifically version 8.x, do not appear to contain this vulnerability, either.

For more information, please visit Adobe.com: http://www.adobe.com/support/security/advi.../apsa10-01.html

Get an Authenticator if you haven't got one already. Get your very own guard dog and secure your account at the same time. Visit http://us.battle.net/security for more info!

I would also like to add that this is NOT a virus. The only way to protect yourself from this kind of vulnerability is to keep your system up-to-date in all ways, including Flash.

Curse Client Google Ad Scam

A few months ago a couple of people got hacked because of malicious google ads redirecting to fake armory pages. (See this news)

The same problem is now affecting the Curse.com client that many of you use to update and download addon.


Whenever you try to reach a popular WoW site (including mmo-champion) always type the URL in your browser's adress bar or bookmark it, don't click links from external websites or google them.

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I hate people sometimes. Pop my level 73 mage into a random, go into nexus which is in progress but before the 1st boss. The healer and 1 dps before me have left it seems, and the tank is quite vocally dissing them, in that "everyone who dares say anything about me is a nub" kind of arrogant way. Which is odd, because he's just ok, not amazing.

We get to Anomolus, and one of the two shamans pops hero/lust. Then two of them go a bit mental, and say it should have been left for the last boss. Me and another guy say it doesnt matter, it wont make a difference. We drop down the ledge by Anomolus, and the other 2 dps miss the jump and die. The tank runs right into the mobs and says to let them kill him. Me and the healer dont really see the point in risking a total wipe, and keep him alive, not really sure why he wants to be killed anyway. Eventally he says why, which is because he wants hero for the final boss. The healer points out that now with waiting for the other two, exhaustion probably would have finished anyway. He has become increasingly more abusive by this point, then the healer says to me "fuck it, he's a retard and a dick, I'm off, bye" and he ports out. I ask him if he's seriously just killed himself to get hero for the final boss, and he says more abuse, but I think "whatever" and just reply sarcastically to him, which seems to anger him even more. A few moments later I get kicked from the group.

It propably wont do anything but I reported him anyway. After all, I wasnt abusive to him (sarcastic, but not abusive! I made sure of that) and he wasted my time for no reason other than his pride was dented or something stupid.

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Well, the other healer left before attempting to vote kick him, and the other two dps seemed to side with him. I cant remember if they were guildies or anything, they seemed friendly though. And I guess I was trying to argue the point that dying just for bloodlust on the last boss was ridiculous before I'd even thought of kicking him, by that point I'd been booted. I've never seen anyone so bothered about a buff in game before.

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One for wowplayers.txt:


No one said, but it's so obvious:) The only radical

Wotlk change from BC, was a change of the target audience of the game and company policies

for maximum profit, and all further changes to the game from this dance.

Kazualy and children, which is very easy to lure beautiful wrappers, make the game

now and in the future want something creative and innovative is not

is meaningless, and we are all more confirmation that we have. Blizzard you stupod failers.

Activision you stupid idiots.


And if you think that the community you do not answer, then you are very mistaken.

Neither Europe nor America will eat 3 addon undermining one and tighter husks. You can feed this Chinese, but the other tucked into your mouth your garbage that you call the addon. More bans,Impotents, You are not the Blizzard that I loved since 1994, you're just a crowd of impostors.

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Questhelper will put dots on the map telling you where to go for incomplete quests, and if you use the Wowhead client to upload your data to their site, it will actually tell you the exact quests you haven't done, sorted by category like zone or faction.

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