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New Dreamcast Game In 2006!

Initial K

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Maybe they should make something other than shmups.

(and don't nobody suggest RPGs)

Shmup conversions are cheap and easy, that the game was originally made fo rteh Naomi board makes it even easier to convert. Developing something new from scratch simply wont be viable.

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Its been recently announced via http://www.gamefront.de/ (includes magazine scan) that team Milestone (ex Compile staff) will be brining the Naomi arcade shooter Ragirugy to the Dreamcast on the 16th of February 2006 for 6090 yen.

Thats pretty damn fantastic news and hopefully G.Rev's Under Defeat may follow as well.

your wish become true according to gamefront :D

23/03/06 release date for the G.Rev's under defeat

and some videos of the game


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