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Phantasy Star Universe [PC/PS2]

Gorf King

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As for what to do ive no idea! the official site said it is woth playing the tutorial though as you also get some powers or something for doing so

The tutorial crashed on floor 4 for me :angry:. It was also extremely dull and the text is hard to read on my 1080i CRT.

I ran about for a bit not knowing what to do and then turned it off. Got some mates downloading it at the moment so hopefully they can show me what to do.

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gamertag Nowain , character name Sasuke.

seems theres no tells or a way to add friends without them been near you?

anyways im in universe 18 (the last one most) of the time.

crap the servers mostly unplayable, i'll be on for a late nigh session 3am ish when the pops down.

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(Not about the 360 Beta)

Expert Classes

There's a post and screenies on PSOW about the weapons distribution in expert class, from which the following is shamelessly filched:



Unique trait - Exclusive access to Double Sabers. Only class that has S rank on both Sabers and Dual Sabers.

Photon Art Distribution - Level 30 Weapon Skills, Level 20 Bullets, No Techniques



Unique trait - Only class with S rank on Dual Pistols, Crossbows, and Machine Guns.

Photon Art Distribution - Level 10 Weapon Skills, Level 30 Bullets, Level 10 Techniques



Unique trait - Closest option to a FOmar from PSO, with no unique weapons but midrange melee and technique capability.

Photon Art Distribution - Level 20 Weapon Skills, Level 10 Bullets, Level 20 Techniques



Unique trait - Exclusive access to Axes. Only class that has S rank on Swords, Fists, Spears, Claws, and Dual Claws. Most S rank weapons of any class.

Photon Art Distribution - Level 30 Weapon Skills, Level 10 Bullets, No Techniques



Unique trait - Only class that has S rank on Rifles, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, and Laser Cannons.

Photon Art Distribution - Level 10 Weapon Skills, Level 30 Bullets, No Techniques



Unique trait - Exclusive access to Staves and Level 30 Techniques. Only class that has S rank on Bows, Cards, and Rods.

Photon Art Distribution - Level 1 Weapon Skills, Level 30 Bullets, Level 30 Techniques



Unique trait - Only class that lacks S rank weaponry, but also the only class that has specialized trap usage.

Photon Art Distribution - Level 30 Weapon Skills, Level 30 Bullets, No Techniques

I don't know when these expert classes become available - only that they're on the JP servers now (you need to have brought the relevant skill areas up to a certain level before using them, maybe). Perhaps someone can enlighten me on that. Anyway, the Photon Art Distribution is essentially the level cap of that particular expert class in each of the named areas - e.g. the Protranser can't use techs, but can level up to a (currently max) 30 in both weapons and 'bullets' ('ranger'-type weps, in other words). This is balanced by a limited availability of particular weapons according to expert class - e.g. only a Figunner can use double sabers.

And you only have 36 different Photon Arts that can be learnt at any one time - e.g. Foie is one (a tech art), Tornado Break (a sword skill) is another. Once you hit the cap you can dispose of one art and learn another instead to replace it - but it then needs levelling up from scratch, as does relearning one that you used to know but have discarded.

I think it works like that anyway; I'd be happy for someone to correct any misunderstandings on my part, which to be honest was part of the reason for my posting this. I'd been thinking of making a 'Force' Newman with a sideorder of long range weapons in any case, and Fortecher looks like it's right up my street (note that this class can only use handguns, cards and bows though - none of the fancy Ranger weps).

The immediate effect on char stats of applying one of these expert classes to a level 6 male Cast with a level 1 Hunter job are (stats in order of HP, ATP, ATA, TAP, DFP, EVA, MST, END):








Hope that helps some who plan on sticking with the game with their character/job choices, and hopefully someone will be along to fill in any gaps and correct any mistakes I've made.

The levels of choice and customisation of roles and expertise certainly seem to be greater, and more flexible here than in PSO. Hopefully this will result in higher levels of specialisation in teams and a lot more 'respeccing' potenetial if you get bored with playing in a certain style.

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Still Azel, been playing lots.

Messed up my first char (a newman ranger was a baaad choice, forgot races had attributes now) and procedded to be a boring female hume hunter with a passion for pistols.

Loving it so far, so bloody good. Need to level more and play with the big boys. Do add me guys, I'm already familliar with the game and can noob help!

Evil Rock Kizza for those not in the know!

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I'm getting a bit fed up of reading two threads on PSU now that the same people are posting in both about pretty much the same thing. Can this one be merged with the discussion thread for now? Two seperate threads can then be made in Online for arranging games with 360 players or PS2/PC players once it's out.

I'm also a bit fed up that other people are playing this while I am not.

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When I started this thread it was for a few reasons:

1. I wasn't even aware of the Discussion thread that had gone up a bit earlier. Evidently, it had sunk to the bottom of the page and beyond, as these things do in Discussion, so I hadn't noticed it. It's normally on page 1 atm due to the 360 beta, but it was usually way off the front page for most of its life. I expect it'll sink away again in time.

2. I started the thread in Online as that's where PSO threads had always gone, ever since the Edge forum days. If I recall correctly, it was PSO which actually precipitated the creation of an 'Online' folder in the first place when Ryan requested one due to PSO being so popular on the Edge forum. Or something like that.

3. Regardless of the above, Online is just the natural home of threads arranging meets for/swapping info about online games. Else there's no point in Online at all (which is a separate discussion, I think). The pace moves slower from topic to topic here and truly popular games don't just sink in a barrage of 'news' and list threads like they do in Discussion.

Anyway, there's my unasked-for justification for starting the thread in Online - and, yes, you do get bleed between it and the Discussion one, but that wasn't intentional and I expect(ed) anyone staying with PSU any length of time to gravitate over here eventually.

I don't feel comfortable getting into any subfolder debate, as I've been there before and it's a bit of a minefield - we got an Eve folder after about 2 years of increasingly messy threads and not that long after we got the subforum I started slowly withdrawing from the game and not posting so much, so I always felt a bit guilty about that. If pushed, though...personally, I think you have to wait and see how much information is exchanged over a certain length of time to judge whether a load of subfolders/a subforum is necessary for a game. In this case, the game proper isn't even out yet and we've no idea how popular it'll be, or how much we'll need to exchange info except for things like meets/brags, in a couple of months' time. If it's used just for the latter and isn't flooded with loads of other stuff I don't see why a thread won't do just fine.

That's just me though. On the other hand, maybe merging the two threads might be fine. I just think you need a thread (at least) in Online, for the reasons given above, and I don't expect the Discussion one to last at its current peak forever in any case. But I'm not at all keen on 2 Online threads dedicated just to meets for the two server bunches, and a thread in Discussion for everything else: If I'm posting in a PSO thread about a meet, I'm not going to rush over to the Discussion thread to tell everyone there of some new feature I've discovered (or whatever) - I'm just going to stick it in the same thread.

In summary: not bothered really, for the moment.

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Well I always prefered this thread to begin with because the Discussion thread had gotten into a pointless debate about voice chat and server splits. At least the happy people in the Online folder were actually excited about the game and not just monaing about it. But now that has all died down and we are talking about the game itself, I feel that one would be enough. I don't mind where it goes but Discussion seemed logical so we could 'discuss' various aspects of the game and use threads in the Online folder for arranging meetings or online specific topics. Maybe I'm just lazy and don't wanna read two?

Just to add, I don't think we need a forum (yet).

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If it's going to have one at all, it needs one when the game comes out. The way of previous subfolders has been that by the time it happens, a lot of people are stopping playing. So if people care, they should probably ask now.

A subfolder isn't needed. Three topics: One for organising meets on 360, one for PC/PS2 and another for discussion about actual online events, pictures, weapon discussion etc.

We have far too many subfolders as it is. :)

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