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I don't know if anyone else would be interested but I was faffing around with the tags on Last.fm earlier and tried tagging my recent mixclub effort. This worked but said there weren't enough tracks to play as a radio station so I dug out some previous months playlists and tagged them too and, voila, my own radio station.

Looking further into it, it'll not only play the tracks that I've tagged as "Rllmuk Mixclub" but what everyone in the world has tagged under that name. This gave me the idea that if everyone who did the Mixclub tagged up their month's CD it'll gradually build up a database of our tastes and as every track will have been chosen specifically, it'll probably make for a good listen. If anyone wanted to hear something different to from their norm, they could fire up the radio station and have some Rllmuk-endorsed tuneage to enjoy.

Obviously it doesn't have every track that people will put on their CD but it seemed to pick up about 50% of mine, which ain't bad. It's a piece of piss to tag the songs and only takes a couple of minutes, you could probably do it whilst burning the CD you're going to send.

So, anyone interested in adding their stuff to it?

Here's the link: Rllmuk Mixclub Last.Fm Tag-Radio Station

If you just tag your songs on Last.Fm as "rllmuk mixclub", it'll add it to the roster.

I was listening to it earlier but it doesn't seem to work now so I may have borked it, if so I'll just start a new one under a different name.

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I've never used tagging on Last.fm, is it a genre tag we enter rllmuk mixclub into?

I'm always in two minds regarding tags on mix club cd's. On the one hand, I like to send out stuff with no track details and tags can spoil the suprise. But on the other hand, I hate having music that's not properly tagged up. I have about 20 mix club cd's sat on my desk waiting to be tagged and ripped.

Life....... :(

Oh, and Sideshow, I think this would be a nice idea just to encapsulate the music that's shared through the mixclub rather than just the rllmuk group members everyday listening. Especially as some people in our group listen to some right old shite :lol:

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Listening now. Good idea. Taking it one further, what about just a rllmuk tag? As you listen to any last.fm station, if anything particularly good comes on, tag the fucker 'rllmuk' . That's all you need to do, right?

That's true, I only suggested doing the mixclub as it provides some discipline to the thing - you'd only have 10-15 tracks a month to tag so it wouldn't become overrun with certain peoples tastes. But that'd be a good idea, I find the Radio Stations provide more misses than hits so anything that's been chosen specifically as it's great would be a good listen.

Also, a cool feature for subscribers is that you can listen specifically to what an individual user has tagged. So if you particularly liked a CD that you'd been sent by someone, you could listen to their Mixclub tags and you could listen to their previous months CDs.

Thinking further into it, you could create a tag for a thread if there's been loads of good recommendations. For example the recent "Conscious Hip-Hop" Thread (or even the Best of 2005 thread, although that's probably a job for a couple of people), as you can tag albums, someone could go through the thread and tag all albums and artists recommended creating a partner radio station to the thread.

As you'd have the thread and people's discussions, it'd wouldn't be listening to the music blind like you sometimes get from just listening to the standard stations on Last.fm; it'd save having to track down or download albums to try out too. You'd obviously also have the Last.fm Neighbour recommendations to work from also, if they're any good you could tag them to the radio station and post it up in the thread - it'd be all good for discussions. I might try it tonight and see if it works out.

I don't know if anyone else would be interested but if enough people did it, I think it'd be really useful.

I've never used tagging on Last.fm, is it a genre tag we enter rllmuk mixclub into?

It's not linked to the ID tags on the MP3s, just click on the track on Last.fm (either off your profile or from a search) and click on the 2nd button on the left hand side. It'll bring up a screen where you can type in your tag, once you've done it once it's there as a choice to click on which makes it really simple.

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Are we supposed to tag the CDs we send or receive? Because I would have to actually enter in the track names into iTunes for the CDs I receive if it's the latter...

I don't think it matters if you give or receive, if you've got the time just add it so it builds up a decent collection - the more the merrier really.

Don't worry about putting the track names into Itunes or getting the MP3 ID tags right, it's not really linked to that. As long as someone somewhere in the world has heard it, you'll be able to find it using the Last.fm search and give it a tag on the site.

Edit: I've added a couple of str8 gems to the "Rllmuk" tag you set up Don. It'd make a good addition to the "currently listening to..." thread, just tag the track up as well as posting.

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Edit:  I've added a couple of str8 gems to the "Rllmuk" tag you set up Don.  It'd make a good addition to the "currently listening to..." thread, just tag the track up as well as posting.

Eeexcellent. Keep em coming. It'll take a lot of tagging before there's a radio station's worth of tunes up.

Come on folks, get motoring. And remember to tag the song, not the artist...

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