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I'm the most anti-charging-1200 person you'll ever see here but...


That is al.

Ziggy says there's a 99% probability that buying Shadow Complex is what you need to leap!

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Encleverment Experiment Due November 11.

Aside from being a pretty cool name for a band, Encleverment Experiment is a new Xbox Live Arcade game from Blitz Arcade. Debuting on Wednesday, November 11th, the Avatar-supporting bout of brainage offers 16 different minigames and puzzles, including word searches, mathematical exercises and odd-one-out type things. Thankfully, the difficulty can be toned down from difficult (for adults) to something quite a bit easier (for children or bloggers).

If you're keen to enroll in "Professor Ivor Question's mental faculty," it'll cost you 800 points ($10).


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This Week On Live - Encleverment Experiment, 0D Beat Drop

This week you'll be able to get two kinds of puzzle games this week on the Xbox Live Arcade - Encleverment Experiment, the multiplayer brain bender by Blitz Arcade Studios, and 0D Beat Drop, a new musical block-drop puzzle game developed by Arc System Works.

Both will hit this Wednesday for 800 Microsoft Points.


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Uzi: Can't be too long now, pre-orders have opened on Steam for the PC version.


I really really want this. Assuming it's a good remake (and it looks like it is) then this will be the perfect companion for Borderlands for 4 player laughs on live. It's going to be AWESOME.

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Greed Corp Announced for Live Arcade, PC & PSN.

The first in a series of games based in the rich Mistbound universe, Greed Corp takes place in a world of feudal warfare ravaged by industrial consumption. As one of four warring factions, your aim lies clearly on territorial domination, but at what cost? Can you find the delicate balance between harvesting the land for resources and preserving it to stay alive? Will you defend your territory or sacrifice it to keep it out of enemy hands?

Featuring an innovative land-collapsing mechanic which constantly alters the strategic landscape, players must destroy enemies, demolishing or capturing enemy structures, while defending their own territories using any means necessary. Build Harvesters to reap the land for credits to spend on armories and cannons, or manufacture walkers to conquer enemy territory and order carriers to transport battalions of troops across the map, the choice is yours. But watch out: abuse the already maligned land too greatly, and it will fall out from under you!

In recognition of its creative achievements, Greed Corp was nominated for the European Innovative Games Award 2009 (EIGA), an initiative which encourages the development of innovative video games which is supported by the European Commission.


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After the amazing run of summer releases we're seriously back in meh land again.

There hasn't been anything decent out for months.

It sucks for us, but it makes sense to hold back the better XBLA titles until certain droughts and not release them around the same time as MW2 and all the other big titles. Serious Sam should be out soon hopefully to make up for all the crap of the last few months.

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