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Is TNT racers the one by the mashed guys? I'm getting an instabuy vibe from it >_<

Latest from the Mashed guys (Supersonic) is this:

An apology

Posted January 31st, 2011

We’re sorry! We know we promised a big announcement at the end of January, but we’re going to have to put it off just a little bit longer.

We’re very proud of and passionate about our game. We’re determined it’ll be as good as it can be and obviously we really want it to sell very well too. In order to sell well it’s going to need a big marketing push behind it from the publisher.

Unfortunately we and they are just not quite ready to let the cat completely out of the bag and tell everyone all about the game. Various factors (logos, trademarks, release dates, platform holder approval, PR plans, etc.) all have to be pretty concrete before we open the news floodgates and we’re just a little bit away from being able to do this.

What we can say now is that the game will be on PSN and XBLA and will be released this year. The name has been decided, but trademark and logo design issues are preventing us from telling you all about this just yet.

We know this is really frustrating and we’re very aware the lack of a big announcement today is a real let down. We’re really sorry! It will be very soon, promise.

In the meantime, here’s an image of a cool new weapon we’ve just got going in the game.

It’s a drone car that when released tracks round the course, looking for opponents to blow up.


From their blog here: http://www.supersonic-ftp.co.uk/wordpress/

Am super hyped for this game still, shame it's taking so long for gameplay footage!

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Christ, they'd want to hurry up - that TNT Racers looks the part for a Mashed-alike.

Yeah it looks decent, but still not the same zippy quality of Mashed. It could do pretty well though at this quiet time of year, Mashed may suffer from being released too late when all the big hitters are arriving.

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Stacking looks very interesting, but I'm still unsure of how it actually plays?

What's the general consensus on the Serious Sams? Worth it?

Definitely. Feels like FPS games used to feel before becoming focused on AI, physics and scripting. Just remember to play without infinite respawn in coop...

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House Party release dates and prices.

The Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party kicks off February 16th with the release of Hard Corps: Uprising and continues into March with a total of 5 releases. Here is the full schedule:

February 16, Hard Corps: Uprising - 1200msp

February 23, Bejeweled Blitz - 800msp

March 2,, Beyond Good & Evil HD - 800msp

March 9, Torchlight - 1200msp

March 16, Full House Poker - 800msp


Nice, was expecting BG&E to be 1200msp.


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Bah I was hoping it'd be good fun for 4 player hijinks - oh well 800 saved.

I always get confused when people write off a game based on someone elses opinion, when there's a free demo right there they can play. I mean, sure, it might be pish, but still...

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TNT Racers is quite pish.

Agreed. Extremely disappointing :( Guess we'll just have to wait for the true sequel to arrive to Mashed.

Still waiting for Stacking to become available to download, hopefully that'll be ace as the early reviews suggest.

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The cars in TNT feel very floaty. Undecided so far.

I think I might buckle, could be fun to play with the family and it has the race mechanic the original MicroMachines games had.

The one where you have to stay on the screen or you lose a point?

If they released MMV3 on XBLA, I would pay 2000 MS Points for it.

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Beyond Good & Evil left me with a really sour taste after a glitch made the game impossible to progress. I was about 95% of the way through the game and I'd been really meticulous about collecting all of the photos. Also, completely out of the ordinary for me, I had only been saving to one slot rather than the standard 'alternate between 2 or 3', which meant if I ever wanted to see the game's end I would have to go back to the very beginning.

Still, I heard that this glitch existed only on the PS2 version, but keep back-up saves just in case ;) It is a decent game, not sure how well it will have aged though.

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I always get confused when people write off a game based on someone elses opinion, when there's a free demo right there they can play. I mean, sure, it might be pish, but still...

It's already queued - if he'd said it wasn't very good I'd not have bothered - pish is quite an extreme reaction so I'm not overly optimistic - particularly when they've put it out to die against stacking.

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