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Imagine the future. The future of games. With Kinect you can become a hero. Touch the world. Interact in ways you've never imagined.


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I'm surprised that Fez isn't in there. I hope it's out during the summer anyway!

Well, I'll be happy with Guardian Heroes and Radiant Silvergun at any rate.... (Hurry up those games!)

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Yeah, the Summer of Arcade does look pretty poor this year.

Fortunately the general quality on Arcade is so astronomical at the moment you can pretty much ignore all five of the games and you'd still have a belter of a summer. Not to mention the fact there's about four or five games available soon that they haven't picked that could have easily been part of the showcase.

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Well, we should have two more releases before Summer of Arcade starts... so Silvergun tomorrow, yeah?


Edit: Wait... I'm thinking June 20th, it's July 20th right?

Silvergun, Fez, Trenched, SF 3rg Strike in the meantime then.

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This weeks DoTW are...

Modern Warfare Goodies! (prices haven't updated yet)

Resurgence Pack -

Stimulus Package -

Modern Warfare 2 -

Variety Map Pack -

Gas Mask -

This week on Live Arcade?

Your guess is as good as mine, but knowing MS, it'll probably be last weeks game which was delayed for unknown reasons.

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