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Most Graphically Impressive Amiga Game?

alan cummings

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Shadow of the Beast is remembered for looking absolutely beautiful, way better than any other computer action-based game around at the time. But it was released relatively early in the game's lifespan. Surely there were some better looking games produced after? Or even before?

I want to check out some of the good-looking games I missed on WinUAE so I would like to hear opinions on which Amiga games (classic or AGA) were the prettiest please.

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Shadow of the Beast's sequels had great graphics, actually.

Lionheart is absolutely gorgeous, both artistically and technically.

Elfmania for the same reasons (although it's not a particularly great game).

Agony was very pretty indeed - so colourful (and really quite relaxing for a shooter).

Disposable Hero looks stunning.

Gods has a unique style all of its own.

Flashback is beautiful, just beautiful.

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ATR (All Terrain Racing) - wasn't anything special technically but the sprite and tile art was lovely.

Overkill (AGA only) - looked ropey in screenshots but seen moving it had some impressive scrolling effects and neat explosions, and it was very, very fast...

Odysey - decent stab at a Metroid style platformer, again, nothing to write home about technically but really nice pixel art.

Then there's Walker, Silkworm, Chaos Engine, Heimdall 2... (again, more for the art then technical reasons)

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I always loved the graphics in Jim Power, really great parallax.


And Lionheart and Overkill AGA which have already been mentioned.

just clicked teh link and by heck that Jim sure got around a fair bit never realised he was available on so many formats, When i stumbled upon the ST rom last year I thought it was one of those rare/niche commercial games done by some demo coding group or other.

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Dragons Lair the 6 disc version and Rocket Ranger :unsure:

I find the Readysoft games (particularly computer conversions of) look particularly crap these days. Jerky, jaggily pixelated and muddy. I'm not really sure how I thought they looked like "real cartoons" when I was a kid.

I will second Rocket Ranger, and Cinemaware in general. I've recently been playing Antheads which isn't a great example, as it's a bit poo. But those graphics were drawn with a certain amount of style, which means they look ok today, although very low-resolution.

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