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I've been playing Far Cry Instincts now for probably not more than 4 hours, spread over a few sessions. Not only did I have to sit through the interminable loading screen each time I start up, but I had to sit throught it once I Quit out of the game to the main menu as well.

I also managed to get stuck in scenery, and lost about two hours' of play because of the autosave bug, being taken back multiple autosaves. Every time I die now I get taken back to the same autosave point.

The game looks great and handles well and I really want to play it, but to be honest I just don't have the fucking time to delete my profile because of a bug.

I had a look at Ubisoft's website and there's no less than 51 pages of patches and fixes for their games (couldn't find an Autosave fix patch, but even if I did I wouldn't have been able to make use of it as the Xbox isn't Live.)

I can't really understand why gamers put up with this. If you have a DVD that skips back to a certain chapter point every now and then you're going to take it straight back to the shop, yet most of us would rather struggle our way through the game than return it. And all that returning it would do is that it'll get sold to some other poor sap who then has to sit through the same problems.

It would be interesting to find out what the Consumer Board would make of games like Driver 3 which are pretty much fundamentally broken.

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setting the xbox clock will get rid of that loading video, and I think it fixes the save problems aswell.

Same with the fucked up bugs in the price of persia games, a lot of them get fixed by having the time set, Ubisoft must do something weird.

edit: an Splinter cell 3, it stops making you sit through a massive splash video after the first time.

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Edge made a list of ten criteria that makes a Perfect Game some time back.

I can't remember each one, but basically a game can be broken yet more than the sum of its parts. it can also be near perfect yet broken in a way that makes it less than the sum of its parts.

I guess sentimental value can't be factored in as a criteria, hence why some may love a broken game and persist to complete it.

most of the games I really dig are broken by definition, and many of the games I loathe are perfect.

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