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Oink Has Turned Off Download Ratios


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The tracker is down, and upload is going astray. I've a day worth of upload that's simply not been credited to my account.

Never mind, eh.

They normally say that if the tracker goes awol, as long as you leave your client open you'll still get credited with any upload you've made whilst it was down.

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They're being DoSed. Not their fault.

Yeah, I know. I should have mentioned that really.

As for leaving the tracker open, also apparently if you stop the torrents at any point then you're also likely to lose said upload limits. I wouldn't mind but I do want to actually use my internet connection sometimes for other things.

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Those getting new invites beware that the free ratio offer does not apply to you. So dont downloading everything in sight, destroy your ratio and get banned :D

They can (could, while the tracker was up) take advantage of everyone downloading though, I uploaded a few torrents and a couple of gb so I've got a healthy 13.966 ratio to be going on with :)

Noticed strawdonkey downloading my lossless Clark torrent actually, I was going to give an internet 'Coo-ee!' but I didn't know how.

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I would love an invite if there are any still going spare.

A mate let me use his account for a couple of days to get some eps and it made me hate soulseek just that little bit more.

I would much appreciate it. [/begging]

PM me your email address and I will send you one asap.It cant be a Hotmail one but a Gmail one is ok.

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I haven't grabbed a single file from it this year. There's just nothing I can think of that I want to get. The housemate went a bit crazy on it though.

Jesus.Im going through my CD collection getting every rarity I can lay my hands on.Got some real shite that way and some great music.

The Massive Attack CD single collection is always worth a download.

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