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Pong The Movie


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PONG official movie announced

Posted Dec 29th 2005 2:30PM by Blake Snow

Atari CEO, Bruno Bonnell, confirmed today that the company will be working on a movie adaptation of PONG due for a late 2006 theater release. Way I Play writes: "Few details have been released about the plot of the movie, but director Paul W.S. Anderson let a few hints slip out. 'There will be awesome hand to hand combat, I can tell you that much,' blurted Anderson. 'If you’ve played PONG, it will be like discovering it for the first time all over again. If you’ve never played PONG, it will be like discovering it twice. Twice much,' continued the Mortal Kombat director.

The screen play will be written by Steven E. de Souza, know for other video game movies such as Street Fighter and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Souza told Variety that “PONG is the classic story that all other video games are based on. PONG: The Official Movie of the Game will take you past the pixels.”

.::: Although it bloody well should have been. Really my brain has gone into stasis lock trying to think of something else to say about this.


There, it did it again. It's like peering into a giant hole of Nothing in the fabric of reality and then you're forced to say something about it.

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I can also exclusively confirm that there'll be an awesome top-down-view "paddle sequence", like the Doom FPS sequence, where two black-clad contestants battle it out over a black table with white paddles and a white ball.

"OMFG oners!", exclaimed Anderson in a recent interview, "it's so much like teh game!".

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.::: Bruno Bonnell appearantly... I'm still hoping it's fake btw. It's too wrong to be true.

What website did you get the info from, though?

.::: I speak for all Dutch people when I say:


No need to get ahead of ourselves here. For all we know that could be a film about a horrible smell taking over a small town or something. And that'd make awesome viewing.

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This whole Pong: The Movie thing is having serious effects on the universe as we know it. It has already started with the forum, look at the times of the quotes! Time is folding in on itself. We are teh doomed!

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.::: Oh Joystip. Or Joystiq... Sometimes I really get confused.


And they got it from


And what's this at the end of the article?

Filed under: Humor and Classic and Satire

So probably not real after all.


the original also has the following, which makes it even funnier

New Line Cinema head Robert K. Shaye confirmed “we are sitting on the green light button for the sequel. If PONG: The Official Move of the Game has a great opening weekend, you will be sure to see PONG: Double Agent from Hell in theaters for 2007.”

Paul Anderson let out one more bit of information to tease fans. “Antonio Banderas like you’ve never seen him before. He will play both ‘padz,’ as we’re calling them. Brothers separated at birth and trained to eliminate the other. Banderas was the only one I would consider for the job,” boasted Anderson.

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