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When I saw the Fall at the Leeds festival in 1999 I was talking to some random guy in the crowd, joking that I'd gone there with the aim of being in the Fall by the end of the weekend. So for the whole time they were on stage, this guy and his girlfriend were pegging bottles and whatever else they could find at the guitarist (Neville Wilding it was at the time) to try and get him sacked so I could take my rightful place in the band. Felt pretty bad about it to be honest, the poor guy was getting enough stick from Mark E. Smith.

M.E.S. also kept telling the security to get out of the way and swinging his microphone at them (hitting a few people in the crowd, including me). Eventually they did move out of the way, meaning there was no-one there to catch a wayward crowd surfer who landed on his head. Smith then accused the security of 'brutaity' for not catching him. What a legend.

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