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January Cd Mix Club


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Yep, looking to have the deadline for this months CD club on the evening of Saturday 7th January. It should be just enough of a window of opportunity to get people aboard and get this month rolling.

More than one stupidly late senders from last month. If you want to keep taking part then you'll have to pull your finger out or at least come up with an excuse. I'm watching you and taking names...

Late Senders



PM's will definately be sent on the Sunday. Cheers.






Mr Do











David Heath






Rowan Morrison


magic lord





Graphico Tabletti



How does this work?

Every month you make a CD of whatever music you wish, which you send to another forumite. Everyone also receives a CD of music from another different forum member. A PM will be sent to everyone taking part (normally a week into the month) with the name & address of the forum member you must send a CD to.

Can I join in?

Sure. If you want to join in just send a PM to me with your name & address and you'll be added to the list. Currently I'm restricting this to people who live in Europe. Any further afield would probably affect the sending and recieving of CDs within the tight timeframe.

If you have taken part before then I won't need your address, so a simple reply to this topic or a PM will suffice.

Any rules?

Nope, you are free to send whatever music you wish, and CD length can be as short or as long as you like. However please burn a CD of music and not MP3s as not everyone can playback mp3 CDs easily.


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Yes, but I'm not sure if Paulando has my Cd from last month after I sent it late on. (think it was sent on something like Dec. 29th.. I'm guessing the new year post hates me).

In all the same though.. and I'll get this one out much faster.

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Actually, I was in but deleted myself but I'm a 'tard 'cos I think I will have a go but I ain't ever started my CD so apologies to the recipient for a slow delivery like. It'll be done within the week.

Shove me on the list please, you CD club running person you.


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Apologies to Sandra, Ive let things get on top of me loads over the holidays and Ive made very little effort towards catching up.

I'll sit out this month, but novembers CD will be going out soon.

Its ok Gaz, I dont mind hun. Although if you'd like to still send it then I would love to hear it :lol:

My cd this month, wont be a various mix, it will be a film soundtrack. Its one of my fave cds at the moment.

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