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The Rllmuk Online Poker Classic: Season 3

Jesse May

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This week's game: Tuesday, 21st March – 9pm at PokerRoom.

How to resister

Remember, you must now register yourself for the games. Get a PokerRoom account. Log in, go to Private Tournaments and click on the Scheduled tab. Click the tournament tab on the list of tables and look for Bill E Brown (the private tournaments are named after the player who sets it up). Select the tournament and either double click or hit 'Go to Tournament'. Next, hit Register. You'll be asked for a password. Enter 'rllmuk' (all lower-case). That should be it. Let me know if there are any problems.


IMPORTANT: Following a number of cock-ups from UB, we're switching the rllmuk games to PokerRoom. If you'd like to carry on with the league (or join in – now's a good time to jump aboard), please get signed up and deposit some money using this affiliate link:


Games will still be $5.50 buy-in, and still 1500 starting chips. Everything is basically the same, just on new software – which allows us to set up the games more efficiently. This way, players should also be able to sign up at any point before the game starts, rather than having to commit days in advance.

Information for new players:


We have a game of online poker every week. We decide on the day the week before, and we play at 9pm. It costs $5.50 a game (about £3). Everybody is welcome, novices included.

You might only be able to play the occassional game, and that's just fine (and you can win cash prizes if you finish in the top three), but to make it a bit more interesting for regular players we also run a league. Formula 1 scoring, best 7 results out of 10 games, a small prize for the winner at the end.

'Jesse May' is an alias so we can share the admin work from week to week. If you have any problems, please contact Billy Brown.

How to play

We're looking for as many people as possible to join in our Rllmuk poker games. Go to PokerRoom, download the software (using the affiliate link at the top of this post), sign up for an account and deposit some money. Post or PM with your account name, and I'll add you to the player list. Let me know if you have any problems, and I'll try and help out. We're playing No Limit Texas Hold 'Em.

If you want to play in a given week's tournament, post in here or PM me and I'll get you added to the game. $5.50 will be taken from your account as soon as you are added, of which $5 goes into the prize fund.

Any problems, just let me know.

Anyone who hasn't played before: the tables get created about 8:45pm. Log into the system 5 or 10 minutes before 9pm. It will take you to your randomly allocated seat at a table some time before 9pm. There will usually be two tables, and players may be moved between tables to keep the numbers even as players drop out. Once it's down to the last 10, everyone left gets moved to the prestigious final table. The Top 3 places get the prize money, allocated in a 50%:30%:20% split You should be able to chat as an observer on a table you're not on: just choose the tournament lobby, and launch the other table, and chat as normal.

If you're late, your blinds will be posted until you arrive and your stack of chips will slowly dwindle, but you'll still be able to jump in when you log on.

Signed up with PokerRoom (8 players)

baldiboy8 : baldiboy

bazclef : Bazclef

Billy Brown : Bill E Brown

Fondue : Fondue3

Jonamok : jonamok

lucanvortex : Lucanvortex

Stifler : Stiflertime

ThreeBs : ThreeBs

UB sign-ups (No longer relevant, but I'll keep them here until we're all set up with PokerRoom)

Signed Up for UB with money in their account (Rllmuk name : Ultimate Bet Account Name) - 48 people

Graham_S : Graham_S

Commander Jameson : Thush

Billy Brown : Bill E Brown

Razzle: rllmukRazzle

Sideshow : Sideshow Mark

davweb : davweb

ThreeBs : ThreeBs

Fondue : Fondue3

SuperNashwan: SuperNashwan

Untogether : Untogether

choddo : choddo

lucanvortex: Lucanvortex

U-1 : U-1

MickyG : MackemMick

Disciple : Disciple_16

Fatman : Fatman143

Nimmel : Nimmel

Jonamok : jonamok

shogun2k: GavinBR

kerraig UK: Kerraig

packetloss: packetloss

SixT-4 : SixT-4

Burning_Kittens : Burning_K

ahyums2 : ahyums2

Dukesy : Dukesy

kokyu : kokyu

Stifler : Stiflertime

Soong : TheSoong

Ross : gustocmf

Pants : Pants McSkill

Poet : Poet MP

Syntax : Hean Dog

porko : kingporko

shawyboy : Shawyboy

simonav : SimonAv

Cheeko : CheekoRobbins

edandersen : EddieA

michael : idlemichael

SpongeManTim : SpongeThe3rd

Phatboy : TwistedChris

PeteBrant : PeteBrant

popseen : popseen

baldiboy8 : baldiboy8

stiff_swede : Stiff_Swede

bazclef : Bazclef

Dazza : DarraghW

Squirtle : LemonSquirtle

Tekunikaru : Tekunikaru

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So then, Season 3 to start next week if there’s enough demand. As usual, post here with the days you CAN’T make and I’ll decide on the day based on your responses. Let’s go!

Also, there was talk last time around about extending the seasons slightly to make them quarterly rather than just 10 games at a time – how do people feel about that?

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Oh, I'm in, obviously.

If there are any rllmukers out there who haven't played with us before but fancy a dabble, please do give us a shout. The more the merrier. If you've got any questions about what you need to do, post in here or chuck me/Jesse May a PM.

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OK, I'm going to set this provisionally for Thursday night, 9pm. Please confirm here if you're in for Thursday.

However, as we've had fewer replies than expected I might roll it over into next week if the demand doesn't pick up over the next couple of days. We'll see. I'll send some PMs round tomorrow to whip up some interest.

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No chance I can make it sorry, but hope you all have a good game :)

I'm in a similar position to Fondue at the mo...just over $11 in my UB account, so hopefully I can get a money win in the two games I can play with that :(

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I can definitely do Thursday.

As long as we can get 6-10 people, let's play.

If not, I'll probably join an MTT on UB anyway, so if Rllmuk doesn't play, then I'll post in here what tourney I'm entering for anyone interested...

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Last season we were generally getting around 15 players in an average week. The games tend to last for a couple of hours or so.

Sounds good to me... I'll put my status on "pending" at the moment.

Pending getting out of going to my gf's parents for dinner :)

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Sounds good to me... I'll put my status on "pending" at the moment.

Pending getting out of going to my gf's parents for dinner  :)

Just tell them you're jibbing them to play online poker.

They'll be well impressed with her choice in men. :(

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Sounds good to me... I'll put my status on "pending" at the moment.

Pending getting out of going to my gf's parents for dinner  :)

Do you have an account with UB and enough cash in there to cover the buy-in ($5.50)? Just to keep you up to speed – you'll need to be sorted out with that and confirm probably by Wednesday afternoon at the latest if you want to be added to the tournament. Hope you can make it.

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