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The Rllmuk Online Poker Classic: Season 3

Jesse May

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Game 2: Results

1. SpongeThe3rd – 10 pts

2. baldiboy8 – 8 pts

3. popseen – 6 pts

4. packetloss – 5 pts

5. Bazclef – 4 pts

6. Sideshow Mark – 3 pts

7. Fondue3 – 2 pts

8. LemonSquirtle – 1 pt

9. U-1

10. TwistedChris

11. Tekunikaru

12. Bill E Brown

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I know it's a ball-ache, but it would be great if the season 2 final standings could be updated and the season 3 table put in the same thread.

Fair point, I'd completely forgotten about the sticky thread. Done.

13 players in for Wednesday. Any more wanting to play?

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Good game, well played all, kicking myself for playing my last hand like a donkey (top pair on the flop, checked in the hope of a check raise, but ended up just gaving a free card that finished me), but I guess its things like this that stick in your mind for next time.

I'll be back next week for sure, any day of the week is good.

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