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The Rllmuk Online Poker Classic: Season 3

Jesse May

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Season 3 Standings (Week 3)

1. Bazclef (20 pts)

2. popseen (19 pts)

3. SpongeThe3rd (17 pts)

4. baldiboy8 (16 pts)

5= Bill E Brown (14 pts)

5= SideshowMark (14 pts)

5= Super Nashwan (14 pts)

8. ThreeBs (8pts)

9= Fondue3 (7 pts)

9= packetloss (7 pts)

11. Tekunikaru (6 pts)

12. TwistedChris (5 pts)

13. SimonAv (3 pts)

14. LemonSquirtle (2 pts)

15. U-1 (1 pt)

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Very enjoyable game again, so many thanks to all and congrats to the money finishers. I went from having no cards and no luck, to great cards and some luck, to great cards and no luck <_<

Not sure whether I am very bad, very daft or very unlucky!

Available any day next week, but would prefer not to do Friday.

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