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The Rllmuk Online Poker Classic: Season 3

Jesse May

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Good game this week.

Congratulations to all the money winners, especially the Stifler who seemd to do no wrong all night, and Bazclef who has got off to a storming start this season.

As for next week, I would prefer to do Monday or Tuesday

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Can anyone else confirm that the tourney isn't showing up? The tournament ID number is supposed to be 183095 according to the email UB sent me.

ThreeBs says his account has been charged for tournament entry, so I'm not sure what's going on here.

Definitely no Rllmuk tourney there at 4pm this afternoon.

Though they debited me on Monday also.

Hmmmm...... ;)

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And no reply to my email. I'll try again.

I think the best course of action (presuming I don't hear anything in the meantime) is to log on as normal at 8:45pm and see if we get taken to our tables. I find it strange that money would be taken from our accounts unless they've set up the tournament. I am worried, however, that maybe they've set it on the wrong date or wrong time. I've just checked my initial email in case I'd put the wrong date, etc. but everything is in order there. Unfortunately it's a case of waiting and seeing what happens.

If there is a problem with tonight's game, I think we need to have a serious think about possibly moving our games to a different site – especially with the seemingly random final table observer chat recently. Let's hope they get it sorted tonight, though.

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Well, I've had no reply from them, so I've also sent an email via the website like you guys. It's not looking good, but I don't see why they would take money from out accounts. Strange.

Can I suggest that if the tournament isn't created we all go and enter one of the 100-man SnGs so that the night isn't a complete waste?

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