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The Rllmuk Online Poker Classic: Season 3

Jesse May

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Well, the tournament is a go, although I fear that only the first 11 to show interest have been added. I tried to add the last 3 yesterday (baldiboy8, Squirtle and SpongeManTim) and never heard back.

Can someone from the other table confirm who is seated there please? As the tournament isn't listed, I can't view the other table.

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We have 7 on our table, so someone will get moved if it's only 11.

I think the best thing to do here is maybe not use this as a league game guys. Doesn't seem fair on the people who have been left off.

I really think we should think about moving away from UB if possible.

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...and I had to go and say that this game didn't count towards the league. Idiot.

Well played guys, especially ThreeBs for taking the top spot.

Sorry about all the uncertainty before the game, and especially to those who weren't added. I'll be writing to UB tomorrow wanting to know why.

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Are we still serious about rethinking UB for our games?

What are the alternative sites that let us set-up our own games etc.

It depends on how many people would be prepared to set up a new account and deposit money in a new site, I guess. What do people think?

As far as I remember, UB were the only site offering these private games when we started, but I'm sure somebody posted relatively recently mentioning that pokerroom were offering something similar now.

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